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Cardigan and bicycle - Kings Cross

Autumn was definitely in the air today, it was cloudy, gloomy and a little cold. It was a good reminder that I’m bored of wearing tshirts and I’d like to start layering clothes. Speaking of layering, this gentleman’s got some great layering going on, the belt and the shoes match! The shoes are so shiny and immaculate, I can never keep my shoes in such good condition, the toes always get scuffed 2 weeks in, I think I just like to kick things :D

3 looks from Surry Hills

I went to the Vintage and retro fashion sale at Hibernian House last weekend, I was led there by Miss emma.peel on flickr. I love the outfits she puts together for wardrobe remix, so when she posted about the sale, I decided to go have a look. I went partly to check out the clothes, partly to photograph her and I ended up with photos of 3 great outfits!

3 looks from Surry Hills

The sale was held at Miss missemma’s apartment, a crazy place with a few interconnected apartment buildings above shops. Every bit of wall space in the corridors and elevator was covered with graffiti, Miss M’s place was on the top floor with access to the rooftop. All these photos were taken on that roof. The building gave a crazy vibe, I wonder what kind of people live there? The young, the bohemian, the alcoholic, the new immigrants? Together it was infinitely cool.

3 looks from Surry Hills

She was so cute and sweet and excited to be photographed :)

Thank you all, it was lovely to meet you!

The Swedes - Somedays

Actually I think only the guy on the left is Swedish, but nonetheless this was taken inside Somedays, which is a cool shop that sells Swedish fashion in Surry Hills.

Not my best photo but great outfits! Left: The beard, the bow tie, the blue jeans, what a character. Right: The haircut, the glasses, the cardigan, the sandals and of course the oversized manbag, fantastic. Also note the shorter cut of his trousers.