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Friends - Oxford St

I love that dress on the left and she wears it with such ease, nice boots too.

Don’t forget to click on the photos to see them large.


Blue tights - Oxford St

Outside American Apparel, I think she works there, judging by her AA tee and tights.

50's look - Glebe street fair

The felt hat adds so much, I like the little dashes of red, in her hat, her lipstick, buttons on her dress, the belt and the shoes, the red really ties the whole outfit together.

50's look - Glebe street fair

Blue & owl - Glebe street fair

Such a cute bag! I like the simple blue dress, matching earrings, paired with down to earth brown shoes and bags. Timelessly quirky.

Trend watch - Oversized manbag

I’m really liking all these oversized manbags I’m seeing around the streets of Sydney, so I’ll be keeping my eyes out and bringing you more. This bag is an old Gucci, quite worn out at the handles but still handsome and stylish.

I like this outfit too, so easy to put together, so simple yet perfect. Why can’t men dress like this more? A pair of fitting jeans, a crisp ironed shirt, a belt and a good pair of shoes, done! Is it really too much to ask of straight guys?

Emerald - Newtown