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Rock and roll - Paddington

Oversized and vintage Marine Corp tshirt?! Awesome! A simple scarf adds quite a bit of depth. All black, all good. Oh, I like that bright lipstick too.


Redhead - Glebe street fair

She has a somewhat intense look, great powerful eyes. I always like the look of red haired girls. I really like this outfit and it suits her so much, I even like the slightly snagged stockings. It adds to her look and hints at her nonchalance personality.

Redhead - Glebe street fair

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Blue & owl - Glebe street fair

Such a cute bag! I like the simple blue dress, matching earrings, paired with down to earth brown shoes and bags. Timelessly quirky.

Emerald - Newtown

Black textures - Park St

This is her work outfit at David Jones. How funny, I noticed all the different textures simply because everything was black. Sometimes things work out better within strict restrictions.

Maxi - Burton St