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It was my first Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and it was a blast. It was fantastic to attend all the different shows, to see the designers’ inspirations through their clothes, the mood, atmosphere and emotions they are able to create and evoke with their shows were simply something to be experienced.

This post is some sort of a coma to signal the end of RAFW posts and to show some pretty snaps I had taken during the week. So here are some of the lovely things and people I spotted at RAFW!

Matching stylish backs

Funky accessories like oversized pastel clutch at Jayson Brunsdon

Or silver beads encrusted knee pads at Flowers for a vegabond (Show opened by my beautiful friend and model Renny)

I also spotted famous faces. Alyssa above.

Many a fierce strut were spotted.

Gravity defying hairdos at Dhini

Armour like creation at

Last but certainly not least, pure theater at Romance was born

Well, that’s a wrap! Til 2011 RAFW. And how about a full press pass with backstage access next year aye IMG?? Wink wink, nudge nudge!

I haven’t even finished posting all my photos from Melbourne fashion festival yet Australian fashion week here in Sydney is already upon us, well I suppose it’s better having a backlog than nothing to post.

Day 1 yesterday and I’ve already photographed numerous stylish attendees, models and even a couple of kids! This post aims to give you some sort of a context for the posts to come.

We are lucky to have one of the best backdrops for fashion week I reckon. The sun shining lovely and warm, fresh ocean breeze, harbour bridge right behind us and the opera house across the water. What more can you ask for? Oh I know, blister/pain free feet! Yeah, that would be nice. Oh oh, unbreakable ankles too I think.

Enough talk, I shall leave you with some pretty pictures.

At the overseas passenger terminal, where the most the shows are held at.

The line outside the Cargo Theatre waiting for the Lucette show.

All seated. Show’s about to start!

The photographers’ pit. When the music is quiet you can really hear the thousands of shutter clicks. And they hollered at the models! But you only hear it if you are right next to the pit.

Susie Lau aka Style Bubble signing a polaroid.

Model through Susie’s camera. Don’t worry, I’ve done the proper photos and interview with Susie, I’ll post it up soon.

RAFW’s official facebooker perched at front row typing away.

View from the back row, it’s nice to sit down and not be in the photographers’ pit in some shows, even though you only see the top half of all outfits. This was Zambesi’s collection, it was beautiful, very wearable but she created such a mood and the hats, the awesome hats and hair nets!

xssat will be out in full force (ie. me) this Saturday for Surry Hills festival for a good dose of sunshine, booze, talking, a little listening and a whole lotta snapping.

So come one, come all, come dressed in your Saturday best.

See you there!


I’m still kicking around, concentrating only on traveling though. I’ve spent 1 month traveling around US and Canada, right now I’m in Mexico, heading to Cuba in a week.

In 2 week’s time I’ll be back in NYC for a good solid 3 weeks, so check back soon for some style hunting uptown, downtown, east village, west village, where-ever-style-is-village! I’ll also be heading to San Fransisco and LA after NYC, so stay tuned, I’ll be bringing shots from the east and west coast.


In the meantime, I’ll keep sipping my magarita.

I saw many young families in Stockholm, they made me happy to see that not every couple who settles down and have children become boring. They certainly don’t in Stockholm. I can’t see why because you have a mortgage, a kid or 2, then you stop having fun with your clothes. Seems like a lot of them stops trying, but I find that quite sad. I think I’ll be a cool mum… if and when… which is a loooong time away, I think I would really enjoy dressing my kids up.

Speaking of dressing up kids, I know I’m probably the last person on the planet to discover Milk the kids fashion magazine, but it’s so awesome, I saw it in the shops in Oslo, I couldn’t put it down and had to keep reminding myself that I don’t have a child to dress up u___u

Fashion family - Stockholm

Name: Jeanette
Occupation: Gallerist
Describe your style: First thing I grab, second hand, Pipi Longstocking.
Favourite fashion label: Katherine DePlace Bjørn
Favourite clothing store: Secondhand shops

Name: Robert
Occupation: Radio producer
Describe your style: Loose and filthy
Favourite fashion label: None
Favourite clothing store: Beyond Retro

Happy family, happy days.

Shame I don’t have amazing fashion to bring you right now.

So to briefly recap where I’ve vanished to for the past few weeks: 2 weeks on an organic farm in France near the border of Spain without electricity and running water, nearly 2 weeks of meandering my way through France.

Fret not ladies and gentlemen, I will be in Paris in 2 days time! You know what I’ll be doing, eating pain au chocolat, macarons, ordering cafes, speaking my horrible 15 words vocab French, oh, why yes, I’ll be taking street style snaps of course.

A bientôt!