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Blue and white - Chinatown

I’m loving these rolled up jeans/trousers that’s all over the Sartorialist, this is the first good example I’ve seen in Sydney. I saw this guy from the back only, usually I don’t approach someone unless I see the front of their outfits as well, but I took a chance and what a cool look he’s got.

Now to all men of Sydney, please roll up your jeans and or trousers, this look is fantastic!

The graffiti artist - Bondi Beach

Not your typical graffiti artist aye? Certainly not how I imagine them. He was standing back and admiring the mural he was painting.

Sissi Li - Bondi Beach

It was a pleasure to meet you!

And this is the only time I’ve photographed someone I know for xssat :)

Ensemble - Oxford St

Friends - Oxford St

I love that dress on the left and she wears it with such ease, nice boots too.

Don’t forget to click on the photos to see them large.

Blue tights - Oxford St

Outside American Apparel, I think she works there, judging by her AA tee and tights.