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Do you remember Emma? From here and here. She is definitely one of my favourite Sydney stylesters! I had a shoot with her at her utterly amazing apartment today for my xsstyle feature, I got so many great shots, I just couldn’t resist sharing a sneak peek with you :)

For the full feature, I’m afraid you’ll have a wait a while.

Emma’s blog:

One half of me always feels that parents shouldn’t overdress their children, kids are kids and they should run around in mud, dig in sandpits and jump in puddles. However, a Saturday afternoon shopping with mummy is enough excuse to put on the best outfit and who can resist taking photos of such a sweetie anyway :)

Isn’t it nice when a city greets you with this as you step out of the house? Can I have a nice message written in the sky every morning Sydney? kthxbai! Oh no, not with this bloody rain as of late. Gosh I’m sick of the rain and storm… Ok ok, enough whinging… now the main item of the day.

Aleita below does a fur jacket with simplicity with an awesome bag and nice hat to top it off. I’m still keeping an eye out for that elusive and perfect fur vest, sigh, I suppose I’ll be looking for a while.

Name: Aleita
Occupation: Works for Whitehouse Fashion college
Describe your style: Vintage and anything cheap.
Favourite fashion designers: Alexander Wang, Yeojin Bae, Camilla & Marc
Favourite clothing stores: Sportsgirls, Savers

It was my first Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and it was a blast. It was fantastic to attend all the different shows, to see the designers’ inspirations through their clothes, the mood, atmosphere and emotions they are able to create and evoke with their shows were simply something to be experienced.

This post is some sort of a coma to signal the end of RAFW posts and to show some pretty snaps I had taken during the week. So here are some of the lovely things and people I spotted at RAFW!

Matching stylish backs

Funky accessories like oversized pastel clutch at Jayson Brunsdon

Or silver beads encrusted knee pads at Flowers for a vegabond (Show opened by my beautiful friend and model Renny)

I also spotted famous faces. Alyssa above.

Many a fierce strut were spotted.

Gravity defying hairdos at Dhini

Armour like creation at

Last but certainly not least, pure theater at Romance was born

Well, that’s a wrap! Til 2011 RAFW. And how about a full press pass with backstage access next year aye IMG?? Wink wink, nudge nudge!

Name: Christina Dietze
Occupation: Model and fashion blogger
Describe your style: Bad ass, some serious shoulder and I’m into my PVC and my sky high heels.
Favourite fashion designers: Ellery, Miss Unkon.
Favourite clothing stores: Incu, Corner shop.

Christina’s blog:

I love the way this girl mix and matches, so many unique elements, all working sublimely together. The bowler hat, the tulle tutu like skirt, the fur/skin scarf, all the ethnic necklaces and bangles and of course the doc martens! Each element is so different from the other, yet everything blends into 1 unified vision on her.

Hah! One day I’d like to learn how to do that.

Name: Angie
Occupation: Menswear designer
Describe your style: Try to be myself, try not to dress like anyone else, be comfortable and express myself creatively.
Favourite fashion designers: Gareth Pugh, Martin Margiela, Karl Lagerfeld, John Paul Gaultier.
Favourite clothing stores: Ashen (Oxford St Sydney)