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A very pretty dress, the zig zag hem is different. The yellow shoes, though bright as well, goes nicely with the dress.

I’ve been looking out for women who wears long skirts or maxi dresses, it’s certainly an upcoming trend that will hit Sydney big this summer, but it doesn’t seem easy to carry it off well. Most dresses I’ve seen so far on people aren’t nice and flowing, some have dreadful patterns. I personally have been thinking about getting a mid shin length skirt but I simply can’t think of how to make it work with my existing wardrobe. Tricky!


Great little dress, simple, summery, perfect for a sunny day like today. But are those birkenstocks? Not too keen on them, a pair of gladiator sandals would’ve made the outfit for me. What do you think?


I guessed he’s French from his accent and his well dressed-ness. The light trench coat is fantastic and it’s in this unique shade of deep mulberry or dark taro or subdued purple or something. A very well put together outfit.


He does the skinny jeans well with a non-trendoid approach, nice and refreshing, stands out from the army of arty boys that all dress the same. Note the transformer/autobot belt buckle, nice!


Great contrasting colours, I spotted her from a mile away. The simplicity of the dress and the accessories make the outfit work.


Very rare to see great linen clothing on men in Sydney, they are always either in suits or jeans. Well tailored linen can be so chic and casual at the same time, a great alternative in spring and summer seasons.