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Black tie

Taken by V at the Mac temple.

I’ve been contemplating for a while whether I need to feature myself as more a presence here. Sure you see which outfits I like on the street, you even read my rambles on what I like about those outfits, but have you ever wondered just who am I?

Well, now you know, that’s me! I’m liking this bow tie trend so I went and bought a vintage bowtie. I’ve had those skinny jeans for a few months now but have only wore them a couple of times. So I decided to embrace my child bearing suitable hips and show them off.

And here in wardrobe remix fashion (excuse the unintentional pun), a list of what I’m wearing and where I got them from:
Bow tie: vintage from Surry Hills
Shirt: H&M
Belt: Sportsgirl
Jeans: Superfine
Boots: Vintage from Cream on Crown

More of these to come I’m sure.

Bow tie - Paddy's Market

Excuse the not-so-good photo, it was indoor and the lighting was very bad.

I like bow ties.

I like Paddy’s Market too, but not at closing time, no no, that’s always bone crushingly busy. But mangosteens are in season and I love them!

The Swedes - Somedays

Actually I think only the guy on the left is Swedish, but nonetheless this was taken inside Somedays, which is a cool shop that sells Swedish fashion in Surry Hills.

Not my best photo but great outfits! Left: The beard, the bow tie, the blue jeans, what a character. Right: The haircut, the glasses, the cardigan, the sandals and of course the oversized manbag, fantastic. Also note the shorter cut of his trousers.