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Wayfarers - Brick Lane

A quickie oldie from the archives. This was shot nearly a year ago in Brick Lane London, both were wearing wayfarers. It’s a trend I didn’t pick up for a few more month and then Rayban brought out their new old wayfarers and now they are just bloody everywhere. I still like them though, I just wouldn’t splash out for the real thing, why? Because everyone has them!


In London I was struck by how well dressed the business men were, their seemingly natural knack of that British look, think Burberry, think Ralph Lauren, but better, much more elegant, better put together yet so effortless. It was in their nature. Some would call it breeding.

I never liked the office clothes people wore in Sydney, I remember seeing a lot of white jogging shoes worn walking to work with a suit, for men and women. Horrendous! “My eyes!! They burn, my eyes!!!” Ok ok, that was a little over the top, but you have to admit, it’s a horrendous look. Men, at least invest in some black leather sneakers, there are some great dressy and comfortable ones out there. Women, wear flats! Hello!!!

I’ve started working already, it’s 9 to 5, so I’m rushing around at peak hours and well, funnily enough, amongst the jogging shoes, I’m seeing some rather stylish office outfits. Sydney, I’m impressed. You lot aren’t half bad.

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

I shall be collecting some more office outfits in the near future and bringing them to you.

Just because you work in a corporate office it doesn’t mean you should automatically dress bad and boring. Put a little effort into it, invest in a well cut suit that actually fits you, not 2 sizes too big, because you think a fitting suit looks gay, a baggy suit makes you look so much older. Ladies, buy some flats to walk to work in, not hideous white jogging shoes, even black havianas will do the job.

This all leads to a top secret project I will be starting tomorrow which is office related, it’ll be a new recurring feature I will be doing for xssat here, but not always office related. Oh, I better shut up now before I give everything away. Be patient kids! You’ll see the results soon enough.

You know I think right now it’s all about rolling up things. Jeans, trousers, sleeves, doesn’t matter the length of the sleeves or the shorts or the trousers, just roll it up a few time and you’ll instantly join the trendy crowd. Am I rolling up my trousers? I’m not so sure, my legs aren’t very long, rolling my jeans up makes my already short legs appear even shorter, hmm not such a good idea. Highly recommended for long legged people though! Like this fellow below.

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Name: Bee
Occupation: Fashion menswear student at Central St Martins
Describe your style: Wear what I want
Favourite fashion label: Eitor Thoup
Favourite clothing store: Dover St Market

He couldn’t help but do a few funny poses as I snapped him, so I’ve selected the tamest here :)

Anyhow all long legged people all there, roll up your trousers and jeans and shorts. All thin armed people, roll up your already short sleeves! Sadly I’ll be doing neither… Oh, heck, maybe just once or twice!

It’s hard to explain what catches my eye when I’m out scouting street fashion, sometimes I let perfectly good outfits walk right past by and other times it only takes me a fraction of a second to decide, leap forward across the crowded footpath towards my poor victim and ask to take their photograph. This was one of the latter.

Pixel trousers - Oxford St

Name: Lukas
Occupation: Model
Describe your style: Colourful, pick out my favourite pieces and the outfit comes altogether.
Favourite fashion label: Helmet Lang, Neil Barrett and Diesel.
Favourite clothing store: None

Sorry about the blurry photo and the lack of detail shots, I’m still getting used to manually focusing and Lukas was in a hurry.

Style blazer - Soho

Style blazer - Soho

Awesome right?! I know! The blue blazer on the bottom right was apparently worn by Vince in the Mighty Boosh. Extra awesomeness! I would so commission a jacket from them if I had the money. Well hmm, I suppose there are a lot of things I would get if I had the money. It’s all about THE money, isn’t it? Ok, back to the blazers, crystal skull, sparkly shiny fabrics, wow! You know I think I just like all things shiny. You should see me in the presence of a pair of patent shoes, I go toward them like a moth to flame…

Why not pay a visit next time you are around Soho and veer towards the invisible force that is shiny blazers!

Textile King
81 Berwick St
London, W1F 8TW

So I found myself walking around Soho in circles again, my internal compass is none existent, I’m getting better though, as I walked around I vaguely knew in which direction is Oxford Circus, which way is Piccadilly, might not sound like much but let me tell you it’s a huge improvement from a few weeks ago. Soho is just fascinating, I keep getting drawn back into it, well Princi helps, but other than delicious cakes, Soho is a great place.

You know, there are boys and then there are men. The boys, they are fast paced, sometimes loud, always after the latest thing. The men, they are quietly confident, they don’t follow trends, they know what works for them. These men, you spot them from a mile away and today I bring you 2 great examples.

Dressed up - Soho

Dressed up - Soho

Name: Stavros
Occupation: Fashion designer, boutique owner
Describe your style: Fabulous monster
Favourite fashion label: Lanvin, Dior, Balenciaga
Favourite clothing store: Dover St Market

Stavros designs for and runs Digitaria, I walked past the store and was so intrigued by the clothes in the window I had to go in and have a look. The clothes are fantastic! The prices are very reasonable too, which surprised me, given these pieces are so unique, you’ll never run into someone else wearing the same thing. Stavros himself is of course dressed impeccably wearing all Digitaria pieces. They also have a little gallery downstairs, which is where these shots were taken.

Dressed up - Soho

Dressed up - Soho

Name: Fabian
Occupation: Commercial producer
Describe your style: Kind of conservative, retro with a little smile.
Favourite fashion label: Junya Watanabe
Favourite clothing store: None

I saw Fabian’s jacket from across the road and I just had to ask him for a photo, or a few… Fabian mentioned it’s a Watanabe design, when I got home I did a little googling, so it’s from the Fall/Winter 2008 Junya Watanabe for Commes des Garcon collection, it’s his version of the varsity jacket. Clearly it’s a lot more dressed up than a varsity jacket, it remains a blazer, yet so much more sporty without looking casual. Sorry I don’t think you can see clearly from the photos, but the bodice of the jacket is wool, while the sleeves are leather, giving a nice contrast that makes you pause for a moment.

Dress up, dress down, dress well gentlemen.