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This time last week, I was in Melbourne, probably just finished shooting the second runway show of the night, hopping along to grab a bite before heading back to my friend’s pad at St Kilda because I would’ve been dead tired and eager to see all the shots from the day. How funny that seemed like ages ago but also feels like yesterday. The week was wonderful, lots of running around, a glimpse of the high fashion life. I came away inspired, energised and ready to wear 10cm heels, ALL day, EVERY day!

On my first evening at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival I spotted Hailey, funder of Melbourne street fashion, I introduced myself to her and to my surprise, she’s aware of my blog. Chatting with Hailey were 2 impeccably dressed young gentlemen, I asked to take their photos. They were charming and pretty much in matching outfits. When I interviewed them, they told me they were fashion designers, silly me for not prodding further, it was the next day that I realised these 2 were brothers Tim and Alex of Melbourne home grown menswear label From Britten.


The second evening I bumped into them and again took their photos, they turned up just as sharp as the day before. Their style is… hmm… to borrow their words “Classic with character”, but it’s more, much more. It’s sartorial, simple, yet so youthful, well Tim and Alex are both very young, both in their early 20s I believe. With a successful label already under their belt, these brothers will go far and they’ve only just begun, yet they’ve already achieved much.


Alex from the second evening.

Name: Alex
Occupation: Rag trade
Describe your style: My style is my own individual style.
Favourite fashion labels: Alber Albaz and Martin Margiela.
Favourite clothing stores: Giuliano Fujiwara (Tokyo), Topman, Design a space (Melbourne) and Incu (Melbourne).


Tim from the second evening.

Name: Tim
Occupation: Fashion designer
Describe your style: Classic with character.
Favourite fashion labels: Martin Margiela, Jil Sander.
Favourite clothing stores: Isetan (Japan), Fat (Melbourne), Design a space (Melbourne) and Incu (Melbourne).

I found an interview of Tim and Alex online from a Melbourne paper, in the article they said they created From Britten because they wanted to design and make clothes they wanted to wear themselves. Arh, if only more young men want to dress like these 2 fine young fellows.


Tim from the first evening.



Alex from the first evening.



Please be sure to check out From Britten and their wonderful clothes and remember to support local Australian young designers.

Sweet 16, that brings back memories. Just what did I wear when I was 16? I remember the school uniforms, I wore skirts as part of the uniform but I never liked wearing skirts back then. I absolutely hated my legs, I thought my calves were chubby and are better off hidden from the world. Now many years on, 10 kgs heavier, calves still chubby, I’ve learnt to be much happier with my body. Funny what age does to you.

Now now, if only I was this brave when I was 16, imagine what I’d be doing now?!! Still blogging you say? Pffftttt!

Pink 16 - LMFF

Pink 16 - LMFF

Name: Lucy
Occupation: High school student
Describe your style: A mixture of vintage and modern.
Favourite fashion labels: No particular favourites.
Favourite clothing stores: Fancy pants (Melbourne)

Lucy found her coveralls in a vintage shop and she’s totally rocking them! Now I want to wear pink too!

Pink and lace - LMFF

Just a quickie. Melbourne girls love black! But they wear it well I have to say and black will always be the new black.

Black with a dash of red - L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Black with a dash of red - L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Name: Alice
Occupation: Architect
Describe your style: Dresses made by me and my mum.
Favourite fashion labels: None
Favourite clothing stores: Alpha 60

Alice’s red socks caught my attention, then I noticed the cardigan as scarf, love it! Turns out, Alice was wearing stockings, but it was too hot, so she bought some red socks and changed. She’s too lazy to carry the cardigan in her hands so wrapped it around her neck. Et Voila! Little unique touches always does it for me.

News flash! It’s just been confirmed that I will be covering most of Melbourne fashion week on assignment for a few Japanese magazines and papers. But you know me, in my spare hours I shall bring you the street fashion aspects too! The attendees of the shows, the front row, I’ll be dashing around, breaking my ankles, hurrah! I might show you what’s on the runway as well, but the biggie in Australia is the Sydney fashion week, which is an industry only event, whereas anyone can buy tickets to the shows at Melbourne fashion week. Nonetheless, I will have my fashion week cherry popped, so I hope it will be a gentle and exciting experience… :p

Just letting you all know, that’s all. Oh and the mania starts on Sunday, flight is booked, accommodation is sorted, Melbourne here I come! If all goes well, there might just be a little not-so-live blogging while I’m there.

Until then, I’m off to stress and panic about what to wear and what to pack, gahhhh!!!

Wayfarers - Brick Lane

A quickie oldie from the archives. This was shot nearly a year ago in Brick Lane London, both were wearing wayfarers. It’s a trend I didn’t pick up for a few more month and then Rayban brought out their new old wayfarers and now they are just bloody everywhere. I still like them though, I just wouldn’t splash out for the real thing, why? Because everyone has them!