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Rock and roll - Paddington

Oversized and vintage Marine Corp tshirt?! Awesome! A simple scarf adds quite a bit of depth. All black, all good. Oh, I like that bright lipstick too.

Maxi - Burton St

Gold accents - William St

8th - William St

She is pregnant and the baby is due the 8th of next month! I couldn’t even tell she was pregnant from far away.

The shirt - Liverpool St

Wow! She was quite tall, but that’s not the only reason she stood out from the crowd! This boyfriend’s shirt with not pants look is definitely getting popular and it works great on her, because she’s got great legs. My friend Tracey commented: “If I had legs like that, I would forego pants for life!!!” Oh yes… I would too.

Lovely smile - Surry Hills

She walked with great confidence, gave me a cute pose and had such a lovely smile. I wish more people I ask would pose a little instead of just stand there. But I don’t want to intrude or impart too much, after all it’s them, their outfits and their personalities that I want to capture.

This is a simple, elegant and romantic ensemble, works amazingly for her. But this is one of those instances, where she, this lady makes the outfit, the same outfit on someone else just wouldn’t work so well. So well done, for knowing and wearing what works best for herself.