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More from the H&M magazine series that fell through.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Brad
Job: Clothing store manager
Style icon: Sofia Kokosalaki
Describe your style: Anything loose.
Essential summer item: Pleated trousers.

The pleated trousers are absolutely great, summery and stylish.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Leo
Job: Mens shoes store owner
Style icon: Humphrey Bogart
Describe your style: Eclectic, depending on the mood.
Essential summer item: Shark tooth necklace

One of those looks I’d expect to see on The Sartorialist, I couldn’t believe it when I spotted him. It’s a stylishness and self assured air that can only come with maturity and a fantastic look that I would’ve expected to see in Europe. Gentlemen, don’t be afraid of colour!

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Gill
Job: Clothing store sales assistant
Style icon: Rockstars
Describe your style: Rock stars, trashy style.
Essential summer item: Low open shirt, showing skin.

Well, wow. Gill needs no words.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Pedro
Job: Fashion design student
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny
Describe your style: Dark, rough and undone.
Essential summer item: Black singlet

I’ve photographed Pedro once before, this was shot near Chinatown, last time I also spotted him in Chinatown. From this and the last look, he seems to have a personal and consistent style.


With the brief of cool, creative, stylish and personal looks, I went style scouting for H&M magazine. Alas the project fell through, they ran out of space for my photos. However it’s still fantastic to have to recognition from a big fashion player like H&M, hopefully I will get my photos in the mag next time. I have many great looks to share, I’ve been itching to upload them. There are lots of them, so I won’t flood you, I’ll feed them through a little at a time.

The following pics were taken outside the Fringe bar market, I picked out a few well dressed stall holders, it was fantastic! Part of H&M’s brief was to ask the people a few questions, that I really enjoyed, I may just keep on doing it. The questions opened up a dialogue and I felt more of a connection with my subjects, I think they felt the same way too.

Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Olivia
Job: Fashion designer
Style icon: Victor & Rolf
Describe your style: Girly, frilly and flirty.
Essential summer item: Girly loose top.


Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Nikki
Job: Jewllery maker, vintage clothes seller.
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny and Lil Kim.
Describe your style: Run of the mill fashion victim.
Essential summer item: Big gold earrings.

Though this look is quite popular this summer, the singlet with short skirt or shorts, but Nikki made it her own. I love the head scarf and the tattoos hints at her personality and adds to the look.

Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Cherry
Job: Fashion wholesaler, maker.
Style icon: Gucci, Prada.
Describe your style: Simple and structured.
Essential summer item: Long flowy skirt and a simple tshirt.

Stall holder - Paddington market

Awesome necklace and great vest.

It’s 38 degrees today! It’s a scorching hot day, I was out scouting around Paddington by 11, I planned to be around til 4, but had to call it a day at 2.30. I was dying from the heat and the sun and I got many good photos anyway.

It was a fruitful day, the Fringe Bar market proved to be great, I picked out a few stall holders to be photographed, then wondered around the Paddington market and the main shopping strip. Shame I can’t show you all the photos… everyone I picked out today was with H&M’s brief in mind: cool, creative, stylish and personal. Well, the photos will go to H&M to be selected, what doesn’t make the magazine I will post here on the blog. Thank you to all the lovely people I photographed today!

Tomorrow I’ll be in Surry Hills in the morning and Glebe in the afternoon, Emma is also putting together an outfit for me to photograph. If anyone else is keen to put together an outfit and perhaps be featured in the upcoming H&M magazine, please contact me ASAP.

Now I shall go lie down under the fan.

I’ll be shooting a street fashion series for H&M magazine this weekend. Yes, zee H&M.

I would like to see cool, creative, stylish and personal looks from all you Sydney boys and girls.

Saturday I’ll around Paddington Market all day from 11-4ish.

Sunday I’ll be hovering around the streets of Surry Hills.

Come one come all, show the world just how fashionable us Sydney siders are!

Orange and vest - Darlinghurst

For better or for worse, the influence of Agyness is everywhere I look, but I do like all the blonde short crops though.

Don’t forget you can click on the photos to view them large.

Blue shirt - Darlinghurst