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Wayfarers - Brick Lane

A quickie oldie from the archives. This was shot nearly a year ago in Brick Lane London, both were wearing wayfarers. It’s a trend I didn’t pick up for a few more month and then Rayban brought out their new old wayfarers and now they are just bloody everywhere. I still like them though, I just wouldn’t splash out for the real thing, why? Because everyone has them!

In London I was struck by how well dressed the business men were, their seemingly natural knack of that British look, think Burberry, think Ralph Lauren, but better, much more elegant, better put together yet so effortless. It was in their nature. Some would call it breeding.

I never liked the office clothes people wore in Sydney, I remember seeing a lot of white jogging shoes worn walking to work with a suit, for men and women. Horrendous! “My eyes!! They burn, my eyes!!!” Ok ok, that was a little over the top, but you have to admit, it’s a horrendous look. Men, at least invest in some black leather sneakers, there are some great dressy and comfortable ones out there. Women, wear flats! Hello!!!

I’ve started working already, it’s 9 to 5, so I’m rushing around at peak hours and well, funnily enough, amongst the jogging shoes, I’m seeing some rather stylish office outfits. Sydney, I’m impressed. You lot aren’t half bad.

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

Corporate ladder - Sydney CBD

I shall be collecting some more office outfits in the near future and bringing them to you.

Just because you work in a corporate office it doesn’t mean you should automatically dress bad and boring. Put a little effort into it, invest in a well cut suit that actually fits you, not 2 sizes too big, because you think a fitting suit looks gay, a baggy suit makes you look so much older. Ladies, buy some flats to walk to work in, not hideous white jogging shoes, even black havianas will do the job.

This all leads to a top secret project I will be starting tomorrow which is office related, it’ll be a new recurring feature I will be doing for xssat here, but not always office related. Oh, I better shut up now before I give everything away. Be patient kids! You’ll see the results soon enough.

My favourite unbeatable 50mm lens has stopped working somewhat, I can now only manually focus which makes me a very anxious girl. But I did brave the fact today, I mean for decades people shot photographs without this thing they call “auto focus”, so hmm let me just create more hurdle for myself. Well, actually it’s because I can’t afford to fix it…

I got lost in Soho today, I veered off into Soho from Oxford St, I wondered around, past Chinatown, past all the gay bars, just walked to wherever looked interesting and before I know it, I was at the entrance of a small alley that contained a few too many sex shops. Oops. I turned back and somehow ended on Oxford St again… it’s as if Soho spat me back out after it concluded that I didn’t embrace the sex shops and therefore needed to be expelled…

Anyway, here’s the boy of the day.

A dash of colour - Boy - Soho

A dash of colour - Boy - Soho

Name: Lloyd
Occupation: DJ and sometimes model
Describe your style: Lots and lots of Vivienne Westwood
Favourite fashion label: Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing shop: Relic, Martin Margiela

Lloyd was in the last Vivienne Westwood campaign! In drag!

PS. I’m enjoying the Facehunter show very much!

Red & blue II - Brick Lane

Red & blue - Brick Lane

Alas my 50mm lens has failed me, it’s stopped working, well sort of, it won’t auto focus properly anymore. It costs money to get it fixed, money I don’t have. So I’ve tried using my 28mm lens. It’s a good lens, great for many things, but in my opinion, no good for street fashion shots. This shot could’ve been much better with the 50mm lens.

Apologies for not capturing this great outfit in the best light.

Bow tie - Paddy's Market

Excuse the not-so-good photo, it was indoor and the lighting was very bad.

I like bow ties.

I like Paddy’s Market too, but not at closing time, no no, that’s always bone crushingly busy. But mangosteens are in season and I love them!