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I apologise for the lack of updates in the recent weeks, I’ve been very busy shooting photos, not the street fashion kind, but for various personal creative projects. I promise I’ll get out and bring you more stylish street fashion in the coming weeks, I promise ; )

For now, you can have a look at Mary. I shot her today for one of my various personal creative projects and the outfit she arrived in was fantastic, so I had to also shoot her for street fashion afterwards.

Sweet pink - Darlinghurst

Such a cute outfit, it’s something I’d dress my blythe doll in, it would never work for me, but certainly looks great on Mary.

Emma - Surry Hills

When I was asked to shoot the series for H&M magazine, I almost panicked, fearing I won’t be able to get many stylish people on the streets of Sydney, at least not to the standard of say The Sartorialist and Facehunter. So in my panic, I asked Emma whom I’ve photographed once before, if she would like to put together an outfit for me. She did not disappoint me, I love her sense of style and the way she puts a whole bunch of things together and it just works! Shame these photos won’t grace the pages of H&M mag. Oh well, at least I get to share them with everyone now.

Emma - Surry Hills

Name: Emma
Job: Vintage and retro fashion seller
Style icon: Marla Singer from Fight Club
Describe your style: A grandma who tries to keep up with the latest fashion by looking at 80s womens magazines.
Essential summer item: Cropped blouses, tied up at the waist.

Love the grapes, love the outfit and I just love the crazy spaces at Hibernian House. Thank you Emma!

A few more from the H&M magazine series that fell through.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Xaviera
Job: Artist, film maker and photographer.
Style icon: Comme des Garcon
Describe your style: Simple, relaxed upscale.
Essential summer item: This dress.

Xaviera’s look was my favourite from that day. The casual cool of the dress, her head scarf, the way she tied up the dress, perfect summer look.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Aalia
Job: Fashion sales assistant at Kookai
Style icon: Nicole Ricci, Sienna Miller and Eva Mendes.
Describe your style: Casual pieces with statement shoes and accessories.
Essential summer item: Little cotton dress and a great tan.

Aalia’s shoes and belt really make the outfit stand out.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Joyce
Job: Media student
Style icon: China Chow and Agyness Deyn.
Describe your style: Cupcakes!
Essential summer item: Ribbons

Her glasses frames are from American Apparel.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Ali
Job: Flight attendant
Style icon: Kate Hudson
Describe your style: Simple and easy, less is more.
Essential summer item: Bikini

Ali’s ex bought her the dress 2 years ago from Peel, I was quite surprised, considering maxi weren’t in fashion then and this dress looks great right now.