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This time last week, I was in Melbourne, probably just finished shooting the second runway show of the night, hopping along to grab a bite before heading back to my friend’s pad at St Kilda because I would’ve been dead tired and eager to see all the shots from the day. How funny that seemed like ages ago but also feels like yesterday. The week was wonderful, lots of running around, a glimpse of the high fashion life. I came away inspired, energised and ready to wear 10cm heels, ALL day, EVERY day!

On my first evening at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival I spotted Hailey, funder of Melbourne street fashion, I introduced myself to her and to my surprise, she’s aware of my blog. Chatting with Hailey were 2 impeccably dressed young gentlemen, I asked to take their photos. They were charming and pretty much in matching outfits. When I interviewed them, they told me they were fashion designers, silly me for not prodding further, it was the next day that I realised these 2 were brothers Tim and Alex of Melbourne home grown menswear label From Britten.


The second evening I bumped into them and again took their photos, they turned up just as sharp as the day before. Their style is… hmm… to borrow their words “Classic with character”, but it’s more, much more. It’s sartorial, simple, yet so youthful, well Tim and Alex are both very young, both in their early 20s I believe. With a successful label already under their belt, these brothers will go far and they’ve only just begun, yet they’ve already achieved much.


Alex from the second evening.

Name: Alex
Occupation: Rag trade
Describe your style: My style is my own individual style.
Favourite fashion labels: Alber Albaz and Martin Margiela.
Favourite clothing stores: Giuliano Fujiwara (Tokyo), Topman, Design a space (Melbourne) and Incu (Melbourne).


Tim from the second evening.

Name: Tim
Occupation: Fashion designer
Describe your style: Classic with character.
Favourite fashion labels: Martin Margiela, Jil Sander.
Favourite clothing stores: Isetan (Japan), Fat (Melbourne), Design a space (Melbourne) and Incu (Melbourne).

I found an interview of Tim and Alex online from a Melbourne paper, in the article they said they created From Britten because they wanted to design and make clothes they wanted to wear themselves. Arh, if only more young men want to dress like these 2 fine young fellows.


Tim from the first evening.



Alex from the first evening.



Please be sure to check out From Britten and their wonderful clothes and remember to support local Australian young designers.


A quick post to let you all know that I am still alive. Barely perhaps, sore throat, not enough sleep, too much traveling and walking around all day, not enough coffee, not enough vegetables and fruits and definitely missing my boy and Sydney. But alive nonetheless.

I will be traveling around Europe for the next month or so then head off to the US of A! Woot! I will try to bring you some more street fashion from Europe in the mean time, but don’t hold your breath and count on my sore throat. Nothing promised, but I’ll try.

For now, let’s do bold patterns and florals! I went and bought the Christopher Kane for Topshop killer croc dress, how could I resist wearing these giant teeth, awesomeness.



PS. Yesterday I went to the opening of Paris Uniqlo, all for the +J, Jill Sander for Uniqlo collection and I didn’t leave empty handed. I’ve always always liked Jill Sanders designs but like most people, her clothes were of course out of reach but now alas I had a chance and I clutched at it with my 2 little paws.

I took almost a whole afternoon to find and buy the 1 perfect black peacoat thanks to the crazy queues (queues to get in, queues at the changing rooms and then queues at the paying counters). The collection is very Jill Sander, though the trench coats and skirts didn’t excite me much, but coats and jackets though are perfect for this season.

I am officially happy and ready to hit the NY winter now :D

London has had some stunning weather lately! Sunny, lovely, even hot in the afternoon, I do wonder why people complain about the weather here, its’s perfect, as long as you don’t go into the tube at peak hour.

This heat means girls are dressed more skimpy, comfortable and relaxed. And what’s more relaxed than a loose white top on a hot summer day, gorgeous!

White summer - Brick Lane

White summer - Brick Lane

Name: Alice
Occupation: Freelance fashion stylist
Describe your style: Crazy, mix of clothes.
Favourite fashion labels: Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Comme des Garcon.
Favourite clothing store: Shops around Brick Lane, Beyond Retro.

White summer - Brick Lane

White summer - Brick Lane

Name: Zhenya
Occupation: Fashion marketing
Describe your style: Simple, vintage.
Favourite fashion label: Peter Jensen and Vanessa Bruno.
Favourite clothing store: Selfridges

So dig out that white tshirt of yours, pull it over yourself and head out to enjoy the sun while it lasts. Oh wait, do put on a skirt or a pair of trousers. I am quite against the no pants look :p

Danish boys - Camden Town

When people say the word “Danish”, I think about pastries, the kind of flaky golden bed of perfectly baked puffed pastry topped with custard and apple, or apricots or my favourite sour cherries. Yum! These boys, they are Danish, they are musicians, they dress well, yum! :p

Danish boys - Camden Town

Danish boys - Camden Town

Name: Claus
Occupation: Musician
Describe your style: Classic things
Favourite fashion label: None
Favourite clothing store: Cheap ones

Danish boys - Camden Town

Danish boys - Camden Town

Name: Lasse
Occupation: Musician
Describe your style: Heroin anorexic chic, white trash.
Favourite fashion label: Dior
Favourite clothing store: Vintage, second hand shops.

Don’t you think they are 2 sides of a coin? Claus looks like such a handsome good boy, the kind you take to your mum’s for tea, while Lasse looks like your typical bad boy, the kind you know you shouldn’t go for but you fall for anyway. Their fashion sense seems to be in such different places, yet looking at the 2 of them together, their clothes work together. Actually the silhouettes are very similar, skinny jeans with bolder shapes on top, yet Claus is preppy and Lasse is, let me borrow his words, trashy and layered!

As I write this my mind keeps wondering off to Turkey, yes I’m going there next week >___< I'm envisioning myself lost in Istanbul's grand bazaar, awed by the alien like sights at Cappadocia, tanning on the Turkish riviera, etc etc. The day dream alone makes me happy!

Oh I almost forgot! Claus and Lasse's band is called Sha la las, you can listen to their stuff on their myspace. Enjoy :)

More from the H&M magazine series that fell through.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Brad
Job: Clothing store manager
Style icon: Sofia Kokosalaki
Describe your style: Anything loose.
Essential summer item: Pleated trousers.

The pleated trousers are absolutely great, summery and stylish.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Leo
Job: Mens shoes store owner
Style icon: Humphrey Bogart
Describe your style: Eclectic, depending on the mood.
Essential summer item: Shark tooth necklace

One of those looks I’d expect to see on The Sartorialist, I couldn’t believe it when I spotted him. It’s a stylishness and self assured air that can only come with maturity and a fantastic look that I would’ve expected to see in Europe. Gentlemen, don’t be afraid of colour!

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Gill
Job: Clothing store sales assistant
Style icon: Rockstars
Describe your style: Rock stars, trashy style.
Essential summer item: Low open shirt, showing skin.

Well, wow. Gill needs no words.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Pedro
Job: Fashion design student
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny
Describe your style: Dark, rough and undone.
Essential summer item: Black singlet

I’ve photographed Pedro once before, this was shot near Chinatown, last time I also spotted him in Chinatown. From this and the last look, he seems to have a personal and consistent style.