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So on Sunday I set out to meet a photographer friend of mine for a wonder in Shoreditch, I hoped to do some style hunting but unfortunately most stylesters were definitely still hungover at 2pm and no where to be seen. My friend, Jayna and I walked about 5 steps and bumped into another photographer friend of mine, Steve. Hah! What a small world. We walked around a bit, checked out Hoxton Square, but it was quite dead everywhere.

And somehow we ended up in Brick Lane, now I was there the Sunday before too. They say all roads lead to Rome, well in London it seems, all roads lead to Brick Lane. It’s a funny place, now that I’ve been there a few times, I’ve started to notice the sudden surge of photographers, doing both candid and asked portraits. Surely thanks to the influence of people like the Facehunter. But I did learn a little more about Brick Lane from Steve. Tracey Emin, George & Gilbert are amongst others, famous contemporary artists living in Brick Lane. Once upon a time, Damien Hirst lived there too. Now this started a long time ago, somewhat kicking off the process of Brick Lane becoming what it is today and now well on its way to gentrification. The Brick Lane back then was filled with printing presses, warehouses and factories, grimy, dingy and dirty, far from the trendy spot it is today. We had a pint at The Golden Heart, where people often spot the likes of Tracey Emin, George & Gilbert having a drink. The owner of the pub, now she is apparently one of the top 10 most influential people on contemporary British art.

Of course, today, especially on Sundays, Brick Lane is where the youngsters congregate. Their styles may vary, they may even be on polar opposites, but somewhere below all the clothes and makeup, it’s this eccentric Britishness that shines through. From George & Gilbert’s art to the clothes these girls adorn, even ones who aren’t raised in the UK, this eccentricity is always there.

Opposites - Brick Lane

Opposites - Brick Lane

Name: Dan
Occupation: Fashion student at Central St Martins
Describe your style: Edgy, sometimes quirky
Favourite fashion label: Rei Kawakubo
Favourite clothing store: Hurwundeki

Dan told me that Brick Lane is where Central St Martins students come to meet and chat on Sundays. Hah! I wonder if they have a tally on the notice board of how many times each has been photographed by a street style hunters…

Opposites - Brick Lane

Opposites - Brick Lane

Name: Sophia
Occupation: Burlesque dancer and retro model
Describe your style: 30s, 50s, evocative, just having fun
Favourite fashion label: vintage Dior
Favourite clothing store: Tete – tete (it’s at Christchurch, NZ)

I love these burlesque girls, they have such good style and taste. Do check out her myspace here.

Tada, there’s my little Sunday adventure, now it’s time for bed!


You know I think right now it’s all about rolling up things. Jeans, trousers, sleeves, doesn’t matter the length of the sleeves or the shorts or the trousers, just roll it up a few time and you’ll instantly join the trendy crowd. Am I rolling up my trousers? I’m not so sure, my legs aren’t very long, rolling my jeans up makes my already short legs appear even shorter, hmm not such a good idea. Highly recommended for long legged people though! Like this fellow below.

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Name: Bee
Occupation: Fashion menswear student at Central St Martins
Describe your style: Wear what I want
Favourite fashion label: Eitor Thoup
Favourite clothing store: Dover St Market

He couldn’t help but do a few funny poses as I snapped him, so I’ve selected the tamest here :)

Anyhow all long legged people all there, roll up your trousers and jeans and shorts. All thin armed people, roll up your already short sleeves! Sadly I’ll be doing neither… Oh, heck, maybe just once or twice!

London has had some stunning weather lately! Sunny, lovely, even hot in the afternoon, I do wonder why people complain about the weather here, its’s perfect, as long as you don’t go into the tube at peak hour.

This heat means girls are dressed more skimpy, comfortable and relaxed. And what’s more relaxed than a loose white top on a hot summer day, gorgeous!

White summer - Brick Lane

White summer - Brick Lane

Name: Alice
Occupation: Freelance fashion stylist
Describe your style: Crazy, mix of clothes.
Favourite fashion labels: Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Comme des Garcon.
Favourite clothing store: Shops around Brick Lane, Beyond Retro.

White summer - Brick Lane

White summer - Brick Lane

Name: Zhenya
Occupation: Fashion marketing
Describe your style: Simple, vintage.
Favourite fashion label: Peter Jensen and Vanessa Bruno.
Favourite clothing store: Selfridges

So dig out that white tshirt of yours, pull it over yourself and head out to enjoy the sun while it lasts. Oh wait, do put on a skirt or a pair of trousers. I am quite against the no pants look :p

Flame haired - Brick Lane

Name: Katherine
Occupation: Web designer
Describe your style: Cheap and nasty
Favourite fashion label: Karen Millen
Favourite clothing shop: Markets, second hand shops, internet

Her hair really was this colour, stood out a mile away, so I had to snap her. I had 3 people refuse to be photographed by me at Brick Lane on Sunday, the most I’ve had in 1 day ever, oh well, their loss.

I’m still trying to get my head back into gear, hence I haven’t posted in the last week and a bit. I had a trip to Turkey very recently and I’ve been working the last week and also this week. It feels quite odd to wake up and not be able to do whatever I want! Bleh… More posts to come very soon!

Miss sunsine - Portobello Road
Name: Katie
Occupation: Art student

Gorgeous smile, can’t believe she was camera shy and also in a hurry.

It’s hard to explain what catches my eye when I’m out scouting street fashion, sometimes I let perfectly good outfits walk right past by and other times it only takes me a fraction of a second to decide, leap forward across the crowded footpath towards my poor victim and ask to take their photograph. This was one of the latter.

Pixel trousers - Oxford St

Name: Lukas
Occupation: Model
Describe your style: Colourful, pick out my favourite pieces and the outfit comes altogether.
Favourite fashion label: Helmet Lang, Neil Barrett and Diesel.
Favourite clothing store: None

Sorry about the blurry photo and the lack of detail shots, I’m still getting used to manually focusing and Lukas was in a hurry.