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Rock and roll - Paddington

Oversized and vintage Marine Corp tshirt?! Awesome! A simple scarf adds quite a bit of depth. All black, all good. Oh, I like that bright lipstick too.

Micky mouse - Burton St

A little bit punk, a little bit retro, I like it a lot.

Coca cola - Oxford St

New functionality! Click on the images to see them large and the outfits in more details.

Gold accents - William St

White jacket - Pitt St Mall

Effortlessly chic, like a very young Carla Bruni. I really like the pushed up jacket sleeves.

Apologies for the bad photos, I made her legs vanish, oops. She was wearing black tights if you were wondering.

Friends - Oxford St

I saw these two from across the street, I rushed over and said “Excuse me, hi girls…” The one on the left said “I’m a boy.” Oh god, how embarrassing, just wanted to dig a hole then.

They got matching haircuts, don’t they? I like his mix and match outfit, I like her dress and especially her cropped jacket. Cute!