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What makes you a New Yorker? Do you have to be born in New York? Live here for 10 years? 20 years? Is it a lifestyle, an attitude, or maybe you just need to put on a big parka and stride the streets of New York with confidence.

You know I was secretly so happy when on 3 separate occasions recently that people asked me for directions in New York! Even though I only vaguely helped 1 of them, but still, to appear to be a local is a huge compliment to me. Well, as soon as I open my mouth, they’d know they asked the wrong person, but hey, that 1 I can work on!

So when I saw Dorothy from across the street I knew that this was a New York gal. Something about the way she dressed, the boots, the stride, the coffee in her hand, oh-so-New-Yorker! Well, I stomped across the street with my 3 trillion shopping bags and asked to take her picture. (Ok, 3 shopping bags, but that’s still a handful.)

New Yorker - Soho

New Yorker - Soho

Name: Dorothy
Occupation: Student
Describe your style: Whole heartedly New York
Favourite fashion label: None
Favourite clothing store: Vintage shops

Dorothy is a born and bred New Yorker, now that’s kinda rare but not so hard to spot.

Style blazer - Soho

Style blazer - Soho

Awesome right?! I know! The blue blazer on the bottom right was apparently worn by Vince in the Mighty Boosh. Extra awesomeness! I would so commission a jacket from them if I had the money. Well hmm, I suppose there are a lot of things I would get if I had the money. It’s all about THE money, isn’t it? Ok, back to the blazers, crystal skull, sparkly shiny fabrics, wow! You know I think I just like all things shiny. You should see me in the presence of a pair of patent shoes, I go toward them like a moth to flame…

Why not pay a visit next time you are around Soho and veer towards the invisible force that is shiny blazers!

Textile King
81 Berwick St
London, W1F 8TW

My favourite unbeatable 50mm lens has stopped working somewhat, I can now only manually focus which makes me a very anxious girl. But I did brave the fact today, I mean for decades people shot photographs without this thing they call “auto focus”, so hmm let me just create more hurdle for myself. Well, actually it’s because I can’t afford to fix it…

I got lost in Soho today, I veered off into Soho from Oxford St, I wondered around, past Chinatown, past all the gay bars, just walked to wherever looked interesting and before I know it, I was at the entrance of a small alley that contained a few too many sex shops. Oops. I turned back and somehow ended on Oxford St again… it’s as if Soho spat me back out after it concluded that I didn’t embrace the sex shops and therefore needed to be expelled…

Anyway, here’s the boy of the day.

A dash of colour - Boy - Soho

A dash of colour - Boy - Soho

Name: Lloyd
Occupation: DJ and sometimes model
Describe your style: Lots and lots of Vivienne Westwood
Favourite fashion label: Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing shop: Relic, Martin Margiela

Lloyd was in the last Vivienne Westwood campaign! In drag!

PS. I’m enjoying the Facehunter show very much!