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Bow tie - Paddy's Market

Excuse the not-so-good photo, it was indoor and the lighting was very bad.

I like bow ties.

I like Paddy’s Market too, but not at closing time, no no, that’s always bone crushingly busy. But mangosteens are in season and I love them!

With the brief of cool, creative, stylish and personal looks, I went style scouting for H&M magazine. Alas the project fell through, they ran out of space for my photos. However it’s still fantastic to have to recognition from a big fashion player like H&M, hopefully I will get my photos in the mag next time. I have many great looks to share, I’ve been itching to upload them. There are lots of them, so I won’t flood you, I’ll feed them through a little at a time.

The following pics were taken outside the Fringe bar market, I picked out a few well dressed stall holders, it was fantastic! Part of H&M’s brief was to ask the people a few questions, that I really enjoyed, I may just keep on doing it. The questions opened up a dialogue and I felt more of a connection with my subjects, I think they felt the same way too.

Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Olivia
Job: Fashion designer
Style icon: Victor & Rolf
Describe your style: Girly, frilly and flirty.
Essential summer item: Girly loose top.


Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Nikki
Job: Jewllery maker, vintage clothes seller.
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny and Lil Kim.
Describe your style: Run of the mill fashion victim.
Essential summer item: Big gold earrings.

Though this look is quite popular this summer, the singlet with short skirt or shorts, but Nikki made it her own. I love the head scarf and the tattoos hints at her personality and adds to the look.

Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Cherry
Job: Fashion wholesaler, maker.
Style icon: Gucci, Prada.
Describe your style: Simple and structured.
Essential summer item: Long flowy skirt and a simple tshirt.

Sissi Li - Bondi Beach

It was a pleasure to meet you!

And this is the only time I’ve photographed someone I know for xssat :)

Men's shorts I - Oxford St

Men's shorts II - Oxford St

I think a lot of guys are afraid of shorts, really afraid of them. But with warm weather really hitting Sydney the past few days, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the shorts. Hope these 2 above inspire you!

Micky mouse - Burton St

A little bit punk, a little bit retro, I like it a lot.