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Dapper - Oxford St

Oh these English people, they are just so bloody good at doing this Englishness. The men, especially the men, most dress very well, from the executives in Mayfair to the young ones walking around high street, this dapperness seems to be in their DNA. The mismatching, the tailored look, I have to salute you male Londoners! It’s great to see young men also putting in effort, taking from the old and translating it all into their own style.

Dapper - Oxford St

Name: Toby
Occupation: Model
Describe your style: Rockabilly, English gentlemen, dapper.
Favourite fashion label: Fred Perry & Burberry
Favourite clothing shop: Charity shops.

Toby here is an extremely lucky young fellow. He told me he gets to raid his father and grand father’s wardrobes, he sometimes has to get things taken in a little, but they most fit perfect. I’m so jealous!

How was everyone’s weekend? Here in London, it’s bank holiday long weekend. I think I might take a day trip to Brighton tomorrow, let’s hope the sun will favour my little trip.