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So I found myself walking around Soho in circles again, my internal compass is none existent, I’m getting better though, as I walked around I vaguely knew in which direction is Oxford Circus, which way is Piccadilly, might not sound like much but let me tell you it’s a huge improvement from a few weeks ago. Soho is just fascinating, I keep getting drawn back into it, well Princi helps, but other than delicious cakes, Soho is a great place.

You know, there are boys and then there are men. The boys, they are fast paced, sometimes loud, always after the latest thing. The men, they are quietly confident, they don’t follow trends, they know what works for them. These men, you spot them from a mile away and today I bring you 2 great examples.

Dressed up - Soho

Dressed up - Soho

Name: Stavros
Occupation: Fashion designer, boutique owner
Describe your style: Fabulous monster
Favourite fashion label: Lanvin, Dior, Balenciaga
Favourite clothing store: Dover St Market

Stavros designs for and runs Digitaria, I walked past the store and was so intrigued by the clothes in the window I had to go in and have a look. The clothes are fantastic! The prices are very reasonable too, which surprised me, given these pieces are so unique, you’ll never run into someone else wearing the same thing. Stavros himself is of course dressed impeccably wearing all Digitaria pieces. They also have a little gallery downstairs, which is where these shots were taken.

Dressed up - Soho

Dressed up - Soho

Name: Fabian
Occupation: Commercial producer
Describe your style: Kind of conservative, retro with a little smile.
Favourite fashion label: Junya Watanabe
Favourite clothing store: None

I saw Fabian’s jacket from across the road and I just had to ask him for a photo, or a few… Fabian mentioned it’s a Watanabe design, when I got home I did a little googling, so it’s from the Fall/Winter 2008 Junya Watanabe for Commes des Garcon collection, it’s his version of the varsity jacket. Clearly it’s a lot more dressed up than a varsity jacket, it remains a blazer, yet so much more sporty without looking casual. Sorry I don’t think you can see clearly from the photos, but the bodice of the jacket is wool, while the sleeves are leather, giving a nice contrast that makes you pause for a moment.

Dress up, dress down, dress well gentlemen.


Today I took out some time just for street fashion hunting, I want to explore all the nooks and crannies of London and see the different vibes and styles, so today I started at the most obvious place, Oxford St, the home of all high street sheilas. My first week here I went to Topshop on Oxford for the first time, it’s the flagship store with multiple floors crammed full of clothes. I wonder how does anyone even choose what to try on, I’d end up with piles and piles of things on my not-so-skinny arms! A lot of the clothes there were hmm, well, awful, but some Balenciaga rip offs did catch my eye, more about that another time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I do NOT recommend street fashion hunting on Oxford St, it was a nightmare! It is constantly crowded and Londoners walk very fast, I had to check myself several times to slow down. This London pace, it’s very infectious you know, I’m already starting to dislike tourists who walk too slow. Anyhow, back to style hunting. One second I’d spot someone, but by the time I see them, they are already 3 steps past me. Have you ever tried catching up to someone on a crowded street? Well, I did several times today, all without success. I also get frustrated when someone blocks my view, I need to walk slowly in the middle and constantly scan from left to right of everyone that passes me. Gosh, I sound horrible…

It seems to me that people wear more colour in London, people seem more daring, I’ve seen a middle aged lady with a long mustard coloured coat, many girls with coloured stockings, men with brightly coloured shirts and accessories. Or perhaps it’s the constant grey that makes the colours pop and more noticeable? The fashionistas though mostly stick to a darker simpler colour palette but it seems from time to time they can’t help themselves but add a nice dash of colour.

A dash of colour - Girls - Oxford St

A dash of colour - Girls - Oxford St

Name: Jai
Occupation: Visual merchandiser at Armani Exchange
Describe your style: Eclectic, vintage and cool.
Favourite fashion label: Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing shop: (so very sorry, I can’t make out my hand writing, I should get a audio recorder thingyo)

Jai made that bolero herself, too cool, where do we place orders?

A dash of colour - Girls - Oxford St

A dash of colour - Girls - Oxford St

Name: Felicia
Occupation: Looking for a job :) (Someone give the lovely Felicia a job?)
Describe your style: Vintage
Favourite fashion label: Don’t have one
Favourite clothing store: Urban Outfitters

Felicia moved from Sweden recently.

Aren’t both girls just too awesome! Jai’s bolero makes me very very jealous of her pattern making and sewing skills, the styling of her outfit is great too, the perfect splash of colour to top it off. Felicia is as cute as a button, the innocent floral print romper contrasting against black everything else is done just right.

Now girls, go off and add a dash of colour to your outfits tomorrow. Shoo shoo, you all go in front of the mirror and play dress ups now!

More from the H&M magazine series that fell through.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Brad
Job: Clothing store manager
Style icon: Sofia Kokosalaki
Describe your style: Anything loose.
Essential summer item: Pleated trousers.

The pleated trousers are absolutely great, summery and stylish.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Leo
Job: Mens shoes store owner
Style icon: Humphrey Bogart
Describe your style: Eclectic, depending on the mood.
Essential summer item: Shark tooth necklace

One of those looks I’d expect to see on The Sartorialist, I couldn’t believe it when I spotted him. It’s a stylishness and self assured air that can only come with maturity and a fantastic look that I would’ve expected to see in Europe. Gentlemen, don’t be afraid of colour!

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Gill
Job: Clothing store sales assistant
Style icon: Rockstars
Describe your style: Rock stars, trashy style.
Essential summer item: Low open shirt, showing skin.

Well, wow. Gill needs no words.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Pedro
Job: Fashion design student
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny
Describe your style: Dark, rough and undone.
Essential summer item: Black singlet

I’ve photographed Pedro once before, this was shot near Chinatown, last time I also spotted him in Chinatown. From this and the last look, he seems to have a personal and consistent style.