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The stylist - Camden Town

The stylist - Camden Town

Name: Siouxsie
Occupation: Freelance fashion stylist
Describe your style: Don’t follow trends, incorporating high street and vintage, edgy, depending on the mood of the day.
Favourite fashion label: Burberry, Christopher Kane, Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing store: Harvey Nichols

I just had a quick look at Siouxsie’s work, some great things! Have a look for yourself here.


Micky mouse - Burton St

A little bit punk, a little bit retro, I like it a lot.

Lovely smile - Surry Hills

She walked with great confidence, gave me a cute pose and had such a lovely smile. I wish more people I ask would pose a little instead of just stand there. But I don’t want to intrude or impart too much, after all it’s them, their outfits and their personalities that I want to capture.

This is a simple, elegant and romantic ensemble, works amazingly for her. But this is one of those instances, where she, this lady makes the outfit, the same outfit on someone else just wouldn’t work so well. So well done, for knowing and wearing what works best for herself.

Blushing - Central

I don’t want to focus too much on the “Harajuku” styled looks too much here on xssat, but I do like this outfit. The upside down smiley face dress, colourful plastic cutouts necklace, circle blush spots and the array of bangles, all just work together! Brilliant!


Very light, very refreshing and very spring. All the items she’s wearing are understated but you can tell they are well made and probably expensive. That light coat would be a great investment piece, it’ll carry you right from winter to spring and autumn and maybe even a summer night, I need something like that.


I like the way she wears the pink jeans with ease and casualness. I haven’t seen many coloured jeans on people that I like, but this look works. The bangles are a nice touch.