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They say models can get away with wearing anything. Well, what do you think?

Name: Tallulaa
Occupation: Model and artist
Describe your style: Put whatever on in the morning.
Favourite fashion designer: Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing stores: Shops in Newtown

Name: Bruce
Occupation: Model
Describe your style: Combination of little bits of everything.
Favourite fashion designer: Etro, Zambesi, Kate Syvelster, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club.
Favourite clothing stores: None, haven’t shopped much for 2 years.

Name: Annabella
Occupation: Model
Describe your style: I love comfy clothes, basic pieces, big jerseys to wrap around.
Favourite fashion designer: Zambessi
Favourite clothing stores: Crown St for vintage.


Last night, I shot my first fashion runway show, it was the 2008 Whitehouse Design Institutes fashion graduate show. I felt out of my league amongst the other photographers, I didn’t have a monopod or a big ass lens. But despite kneeling on the photographers platform for 1.5 hours, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. So here, let me share some of my favourite looks from the show.

By Natalie Foran

I like the sequins, the silk and most of the all, the tea cup!

By Vinsio Wong

I can see that clear painted umbrella being a big hit, I’d buy it.

By Johanna Spasaro

By Belinda Wills

There was a flood of none stop “Awww” when these girls came onto the runway and they are adorable. The clothes are really cute too. (I might have gotten the designer’s last name wrong, couldn’t make it out on my photos.)

By Alison Davis

Alison was the Whitehouse representative on the Australian project runway.

By Liz Chan

I really liked all of Liz’s dresses, the mini collection was simple and elegant, it shows off her designs and cuts nicely.

By Amanda Easson

By Madelyn Blom

By Billie Whitehouse

Billie is the daughter of Leanne Whitehouse, the founder and managing director of Whitehouse Design Institute.

By Kate Armstrong

Note the flood of cream coloured long dresses? Either that’s the look of the year or I just really liked them :)