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Name: Michel
Occupation: Visual merchandiser
Describe your style: Classic pieces.
Favourite fashion designer: Maison Martin Margiela, Prada.
Favourite clothing stores: Dover St Market, Harvey Nichols.


Sweet winter - Williamsburg

I’m sure you had lost all hope on me, didn’t you? Heh, I knew it! But alas, I’m back after 2 months absence, I am very sorry, but sometimes you just got to concentrate on 1 thing at a time. That 1 thing was traveling for me, for the last 2 months I’ve seen many cities in Europe, the States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. The amazing cultures in Europe, the energy State side, the nature in Canada, the amazing handcrafts in Mexico and the architecture in Cuba have all inspired me very much and it’ll all feed back into my creative outlets. So… in short, you’ll be enjoying a better blog :p

Right now I am living it up in NYC, that’s right, I got 2 more weeks here and hope to do a lot more style hunting, though I gotta say, this ain’t easy work in the bitter cold winds… nah uh! But someone’s got to do the job. Today I took a stroll in Williamburg and look whom I found! I love her hat, her shoes and the 3 nude shaded items popping the whole outfit. Liking it!


Name: Pia
Occupation: Apprentice stylist (Cristiano Cora Studio)
Describe your style: Feminine, a little scruffy and sci fi.
Favourite fashion label: Chanel couture, Miss Sixty and vintage Givenchy.
Favourite clothing shop: Beacon’s Closet and other shops in Williamsburg.

Pia’s faux fur hat is from H&M.

Speaking of Beacon’s Closet, I went there today, wow! So much treasure here, it was towards the end of my day and I just couldn’t be bothered to look through the huge amount of clothes. However, I did come away with a mint Coach trench long cape for a steal at $65, holy moly! I think I love Williamburg now. Oh you know, I only bought another skirt, vest and 2 pairs of shoes there today.

This might be news to some of you, but I am in London and I will be here for 6 months, then New York for 3 months and then back home to Sydney. So xssat will be bringing you the latest street styles from all around Europe for the next few months!

Britannia - Brick Lane

Britannia - Brick Lane

Yesterday was my first day in London, I knew I should try to stay up for most of the day and adjust my body clock so I went down to Brick Lane market. What a mish mash of characters and it was teeming with young people all dressed to be seen.

Britannia - Brick Lane

What I saw, I thought were all quintessentially British. From the classic coat reinterpreted by this guy above, all the elements of the outfit are very retro, the ray bans, the white sneakers and the pants, but together the look is utterly modern and very British.

Look at the girl above, her Madonna-esque outfit is fantastic, she reminds me so much of Vivienne Westwood. That essence of rebellious British youth expressed through fashion.

Britannia - Brick Lane

Britannia - Brick Lane

This girl above is part of band Toy Toy, check out their myspace.

Brick Lane I’ll be back next weekend!