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The French don’t wear much patterns, certainly not much loud colourful patterns, but when they do wear it, they wear it well.

Pattern mix - Paris

Pattern mix - Paris

Name: Prue
Occupation: Freelance writer
Describe your style: Vintage pieces matched with new pieces.
Favourite fashion label: Akira, Alex Perry and Chloe.
Favourite clothing shop: Adornments (in Brisbane Australia)

You might have noticed Prue is Australian and only visiting Paris, but her outfit to me is very very Parisienne.

Pattern mix - Paris

Pattern mix - Paris

Name: Heline
Occupation: Pharmacist
Describe your style: Girly
Favourite fashion label: Nafnaf
Favourite clothing store: Nafnaf

The only pattern I got in my backpack right now is a blue checkered flannel shirt from Uniqlo… hmm… not quite on par with these lovely ladies, but if you have some great pattern tucked in your wardrobe, time to get it out and wear it!


A few more from the H&M magazine series that fell through.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Xaviera
Job: Artist, film maker and photographer.
Style icon: Comme des Garcon
Describe your style: Simple, relaxed upscale.
Essential summer item: This dress.

Xaviera’s look was my favourite from that day. The casual cool of the dress, her head scarf, the way she tied up the dress, perfect summer look.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Aalia
Job: Fashion sales assistant at Kookai
Style icon: Nicole Ricci, Sienna Miller and Eva Mendes.
Describe your style: Casual pieces with statement shoes and accessories.
Essential summer item: Little cotton dress and a great tan.

Aalia’s shoes and belt really make the outfit stand out.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Joyce
Job: Media student
Style icon: China Chow and Agyness Deyn.
Describe your style: Cupcakes!
Essential summer item: Ribbons

Her glasses frames are from American Apparel.

Girls - Paddington

Name: Ali
Job: Flight attendant
Style icon: Kate Hudson
Describe your style: Simple and easy, less is more.
Essential summer item: Bikini

Ali’s ex bought her the dress 2 years ago from Peel, I was quite surprised, considering maxi weren’t in fashion then and this dress looks great right now.

Trend watch - maxi dress II

Oxford St, Darlinghurst

It seems like every second girl in the street is now wearing a maxi dress and most of them are quite bad. Either the pattern is hideous or the dress just looks plain cheap. Many curvy girls can be seen in maxi dresses, it’s a style that should suit them but still many just don’t get it right. However this girl got it right, she told me the dress is a cheapie too, doesn’t look cheap to me.

I wonder if we’ll see maxi dressers next summer?