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Pretty maxi - Office

Pretty maxi - Office

This is just an amazing dress and it fits and suits her perfectly. It’s a very feminine dress, so I like the chunky belt, the big watch and the lack of necklace to make the outfit not overtly girly.

I shot these in my office building, I saw her walk past our office to the elevator and ran out with my camera to get these shot. Turned out well, don’t you think?

Yummy mummy - William St

Looks familiar? I see her often on my way to work and she has some fantastic outfits, shame I don’t always have my camera with me. Glad I caught her today.

8th - William St

Maxi - Burton St

White jacket - Pitt St Mall

Effortlessly chic, like a very young Carla Bruni. I really like the pushed up jacket sleeves.

Apologies for the bad photos, I made her legs vanish, oops. She was wearing black tights if you were wondering.

Blue dress - Chinatown

What a great dress, I’m presuming it’s vintage, you certainly don’t see such well cut clothes on young girls these days.


I love this Marimekko like bold pattern, great cut, nice length, almost perfect. Once again I’m not sure about her shoes, a bit of a let down. Though they are beige so don’t appear obvious anyway.