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I’ve been back in Sydney for just over a week now and what have I done? Nothing :p That’s what heat does to you, it makes you lazy, well, that’s my excuse anyway. I’ve caught up with family and friends, caught up on all the new restaurants and shops that opened up while I was away. I’ve missed the Sydney vibe and you know what I’m almost surprised at how stylish and hip Sydney-siders are! How quickly one forgets. I’m surprised to see the amazingly bad fashion in department stores and the amazingly good fashion in small boutiques. The distance of Australia from the rest of the world serves both as an advantage and disadvantage. On one hand we get trends a few seasons late or they don’t come to our shores at all, on the other hand our laid back lifestyle and the lack of trends create something completely unique. I am so happy to see the smaller and the budding Australian labels doing their own things and doing it so well.

I’m glad to see vintage is still big but not done in obvious ways, I don’t see girls wearing grandma dresses for the sake of wearing vintage anymore. Let’s be honest, not many girls can pull off a vintage sack…

I took a walk around Surry Hills today and a few quick snaps. Summer it makes you dress lazy but lazy doesn’t have to be boring.

Boys of summer - Surry Hills

Boys of summer - Surry Hills

I used to be completely against denim on demin, as in a denim jacket with jeans, on girls or guys. However I think I’ve changed my mind, I think when it’s done well it can be a great look. And today, I got two looks that double up on denim and I got to say both look great.

I’ve recently become a huge fan of denim shirt with jeans (see second photo), so I’ve been scouting the perfect denim shirt, but I simply can’t bear the idea of paying over $50 for a new one when I know I can find a nice worn in second hand one. Well guess I got some scouting to do then.

Happy hunting, happy summer!

You know I think right now it’s all about rolling up things. Jeans, trousers, sleeves, doesn’t matter the length of the sleeves or the shorts or the trousers, just roll it up a few time and you’ll instantly join the trendy crowd. Am I rolling up my trousers? I’m not so sure, my legs aren’t very long, rolling my jeans up makes my already short legs appear even shorter, hmm not such a good idea. Highly recommended for long legged people though! Like this fellow below.

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Name: Bee
Occupation: Fashion menswear student at Central St Martins
Describe your style: Wear what I want
Favourite fashion label: Eitor Thoup
Favourite clothing store: Dover St Market

He couldn’t help but do a few funny poses as I snapped him, so I’ve selected the tamest here :)

Anyhow all long legged people all there, roll up your trousers and jeans and shorts. All thin armed people, roll up your already short sleeves! Sadly I’ll be doing neither… Oh, heck, maybe just once or twice!