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Sweet winter - Williamsburg

I’m sure you had lost all hope on me, didn’t you? Heh, I knew it! But alas, I’m back after 2 months absence, I am very sorry, but sometimes you just got to concentrate on 1 thing at a time. That 1 thing was traveling for me, for the last 2 months I’ve seen many cities in Europe, the States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. The amazing cultures in Europe, the energy State side, the nature in Canada, the amazing handcrafts in Mexico and the architecture in Cuba have all inspired me very much and it’ll all feed back into my creative outlets. So… in short, you’ll be enjoying a better blog :p

Right now I am living it up in NYC, that’s right, I got 2 more weeks here and hope to do a lot more style hunting, though I gotta say, this ain’t easy work in the bitter cold winds… nah uh! But someone’s got to do the job. Today I took a stroll in Williamburg and look whom I found! I love her hat, her shoes and the 3 nude shaded items popping the whole outfit. Liking it!


Name: Pia
Occupation: Apprentice stylist (Cristiano Cora Studio)
Describe your style: Feminine, a little scruffy and sci fi.
Favourite fashion label: Chanel couture, Miss Sixty and vintage Givenchy.
Favourite clothing shop: Beacon’s Closet and other shops in Williamsburg.

Pia’s faux fur hat is from H&M.

Speaking of Beacon’s Closet, I went there today, wow! So much treasure here, it was towards the end of my day and I just couldn’t be bothered to look through the huge amount of clothes. However, I did come away with a mint Coach trench long cape for a steal at $65, holy moly! I think I love Williamburg now. Oh you know, I only bought another skirt, vest and 2 pairs of shoes there today.


Danish boys - Camden Town

When people say the word “Danish”, I think about pastries, the kind of flaky golden bed of perfectly baked puffed pastry topped with custard and apple, or apricots or my favourite sour cherries. Yum! These boys, they are Danish, they are musicians, they dress well, yum! :p

Danish boys - Camden Town

Danish boys - Camden Town

Name: Claus
Occupation: Musician
Describe your style: Classic things
Favourite fashion label: None
Favourite clothing store: Cheap ones

Danish boys - Camden Town

Danish boys - Camden Town

Name: Lasse
Occupation: Musician
Describe your style: Heroin anorexic chic, white trash.
Favourite fashion label: Dior
Favourite clothing store: Vintage, second hand shops.

Don’t you think they are 2 sides of a coin? Claus looks like such a handsome good boy, the kind you take to your mum’s for tea, while Lasse looks like your typical bad boy, the kind you know you shouldn’t go for but you fall for anyway. Their fashion sense seems to be in such different places, yet looking at the 2 of them together, their clothes work together. Actually the silhouettes are very similar, skinny jeans with bolder shapes on top, yet Claus is preppy and Lasse is, let me borrow his words, trashy and layered!

As I write this my mind keeps wondering off to Turkey, yes I’m going there next week >___< I'm envisioning myself lost in Istanbul's grand bazaar, awed by the alien like sights at Cappadocia, tanning on the Turkish riviera, etc etc. The day dream alone makes me happy!

Oh I almost forgot! Claus and Lasse's band is called Sha la las, you can listen to their stuff on their myspace. Enjoy :)