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Gold accents - William St

White jacket - Pitt St Mall

Effortlessly chic, like a very young Carla Bruni. I really like the pushed up jacket sleeves.

Apologies for the bad photos, I made her legs vanish, oops. She was wearing black tights if you were wondering.

Friends - Oxford St

I saw these two from across the street, I rushed over and said “Excuse me, hi girls…” The one on the left said “I’m a boy.” Oh god, how embarrassing, just wanted to dig a hole then.

They got matching haircuts, don’t they? I like his mix and match outfit, I like her dress and especially her cropped jacket. Cute!


Very rare to see great linen clothing on men in Sydney, they are always either in suits or jeans. Well tailored linen can be so chic and casual at the same time, a great alternative in spring and summer seasons.