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I apologise for my lack of posts, I’ve been swallowed up into the black hole that is a 9 – 6.30 job, escape is near! RAFW aka Sydney fashion week is also near! How exciting, with appearances by Susie Bubble, Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman, Garance Dore and a small army of Aussie bloggers, it’s going to be fun. That is if they decide to approve of my media accreditation application and if I don’t break my ankles, yeah, it’s always nice to have one’s ankles intact.

Now onto some more from LMFF!

Top Hat - LMFF

Top Hat - LMFF

Name: Sabrina
Occupation: High school student
Describe your style: Dressed up grunge.
Favourite fashion labels: Balmain, Steve Madden.
Favourite clothing stores: Bardot, Sportsgirl.


Red & blue II - Brick Lane

Red & blue - Brick Lane

Alas my 50mm lens has failed me, it’s stopped working, well sort of, it won’t auto focus properly anymore. It costs money to get it fixed, money I don’t have. So I’ve tried using my 28mm lens. It’s a good lens, great for many things, but in my opinion, no good for street fashion shots. This shot could’ve been much better with the 50mm lens.

Apologies for not capturing this great outfit in the best light.

50's look - Glebe street fair

The felt hat adds so much, I like the little dashes of red, in her hat, her lipstick, buttons on her dress, the belt and the shoes, the red really ties the whole outfit together.

50's look - Glebe street fair

Tie dye - Oxford St

I really like that dress, if I saw it in a shop I probably wouldn’t have considered it, but now I’m going to keep my eyes out for tie dyed stuff! The combo of the vest, hat and gladiators work a treat.


He does the skinny jeans well with a non-trendoid approach, nice and refreshing, stands out from the army of arty boys that all dress the same. Note the transformer/autobot belt buckle, nice!