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This post is brought to you tonight by my scalded hand… Yes I dropped a cup of boiling green tea onto my right hand this evening while juggling 2 arms full of bags, camera and a napkin full of Nandos chicken skewers. I swear I must’ve been a blonde in my previous life. It was quite red, painful and swollen, a bit of make shift ice pack and some first aid cream and I’m much better now. Bummer that I had to go home early today and therefore missed 4 shows, boohoohoo. No matter, hope it’ll be better in the morning for the last day of RAFW!!! Goodness, it’s all gone by so quickly!

Now now, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting an iconic fashion blogger, Susie Lau of Style Bubble and to see her outfits each day is wonderful.

Name: Susie Lau
Occupation: Full time blogger, freelance writer.
Describe your style: Eclectic, experimental, layered.
Favourite fashion designer: All time favs: Yves Saint Lauren, Azzedine Alaia, Cristóbal Balenciaga.
Favourite clothing stores: The Shop (Cheshire St London)

I aren’t already familiar with Susie’s blog, then shame on you!


Little Parisienne - Paris

Trend watch - maxi dress II

Oxford St, Darlinghurst

It seems like every second girl in the street is now wearing a maxi dress and most of them are quite bad. Either the pattern is hideous or the dress just looks plain cheap. Many curvy girls can be seen in maxi dresses, it’s a style that should suit them but still many just don’t get it right. However this girl got it right, she told me the dress is a cheapie too, doesn’t look cheap to me.

I wonder if we’ll see maxi dressers next summer?

Grey & yellow - Glebe street fair

Grey & yellow - Glebe street fair

Don’t forget you can now click on the images to see them large.

Bike style - Burton St

Bike style - Burton St

Yummy mummy - William St

Looks familiar? I see her often on my way to work and she has some fantastic outfits, shame I don’t always have my camera with me. Glad I caught her today.

8th - William St