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Remember what I said about how Stockholmians seem to have the perfect formula worked out? How I said “Trendy, tick, sartorial, tick, unique, tick, timeless, tick tick tick!” Well! Here’s more proof for you.

Sartorial - Stockholm

Sartorial - Stockholm

Name: Mathas
Occupation: Medicine student
Describe your style: Eclectic, one half natural country style, one half all black.
Favourite fashion label: Jill Sander, Prada and Lanvin.
Favourite clothing store: Acne

What Mathas is wearing can easily be described as old fashioned, but with a loose t-shirt under the blazer, untied shoe laces, a head of floppy blonde hair, a great smile and a spring in his steps, I have to say, this outfit is nothing but youthful and a perfect autumn look.

Sartorial - Stockholm

Sartorial - Stockholm

Name: Christian
Occupation: Risk management – Key account manager
Describe your style: Classic, a little bit straight edged.
Favourite fashion label: Ralph Lauren
Favourite clothing store: Rose and born (Stockholm)

This does remind me that I can definitely see that American influence in the way men dressed in Stockholm, that preppy, relaxed but grown up look perfected. I dare say they do it better than the Americans.

Interesting how Christian’s outfit oozes a more grown up look than the outfit on Mathas, yet when you look closer at the individual items of clothing, Christian’s actually wearing a pair of jean with a pale denim shirt! Also note worthy is just the 1 roll on the jeans, not 2, which seems to be norm.


My favourite unbeatable 50mm lens has stopped working somewhat, I can now only manually focus which makes me a very anxious girl. But I did brave the fact today, I mean for decades people shot photographs without this thing they call “auto focus”, so hmm let me just create more hurdle for myself. Well, actually it’s because I can’t afford to fix it…

I got lost in Soho today, I veered off into Soho from Oxford St, I wondered around, past Chinatown, past all the gay bars, just walked to wherever looked interesting and before I know it, I was at the entrance of a small alley that contained a few too many sex shops. Oops. I turned back and somehow ended on Oxford St again… it’s as if Soho spat me back out after it concluded that I didn’t embrace the sex shops and therefore needed to be expelled…

Anyway, here’s the boy of the day.

A dash of colour - Boy - Soho

A dash of colour - Boy - Soho

Name: Lloyd
Occupation: DJ and sometimes model
Describe your style: Lots and lots of Vivienne Westwood
Favourite fashion label: Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing shop: Relic, Martin Margiela

Lloyd was in the last Vivienne Westwood campaign! In drag!

PS. I’m enjoying the Facehunter show very much!