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I love it when you get inspired by something, a look, an old photograph, a weekend up the coast, a scene in a film, feelings and emotions that you try to encapsulate into an outfit. You’ve already blown your budget for the month and can’t afford anything new, but you still manage to make the most of your old clothes. Sometime our creativity blossom under a little restriction.

Occupation: Model, photographer, blogger.
Describe your style: This look is inspired the latest Prada collection.
Favourite fashion designer: Ellery, Dries Van Noten, Celine.
Favourite clothing stores: Shag, shops in Newtown.

Zanita’s blog:


A quick post to let you all know that I am still alive. Barely perhaps, sore throat, not enough sleep, too much traveling and walking around all day, not enough coffee, not enough vegetables and fruits and definitely missing my boy and Sydney. But alive nonetheless.

I will be traveling around Europe for the next month or so then head off to the US of A! Woot! I will try to bring you some more street fashion from Europe in the mean time, but don’t hold your breath and count on my sore throat. Nothing promised, but I’ll try.

For now, let’s do bold patterns and florals! I went and bought the Christopher Kane for Topshop killer croc dress, how could I resist wearing these giant teeth, awesomeness.



PS. Yesterday I went to the opening of Paris Uniqlo, all for the +J, Jill Sander for Uniqlo collection and I didn’t leave empty handed. I’ve always always liked Jill Sanders designs but like most people, her clothes were of course out of reach but now alas I had a chance and I clutched at it with my 2 little paws.

I took almost a whole afternoon to find and buy the 1 perfect black peacoat thanks to the crazy queues (queues to get in, queues at the changing rooms and then queues at the paying counters). The collection is very Jill Sander, though the trench coats and skirts didn’t excite me much, but coats and jackets though are perfect for this season.

I am officially happy and ready to hit the NY winter now :D

A few shots around town

I had an interview this afternoon near Piccadilly Circus, the role I interviewed for is somewhat up in the air but they are getting me in for a different project which is around a few days of work next week, I am poor so I’ll be very happy to see a few pounds in the bank account. So to celebrate, I went to Laduree! Hehehe, I’d walked past it last time and been itching to make up any excuse to go, getting a little job and being nearby was enough excuse for me.

I had some darjeeling tea and 3 mini macarons, lemon, pistachio and caramel with superfine salt. They were all yummy, had surprisingly thick creme fillings, my favourite is a tie between the caramel and the lemon. The lemon had just the right amount of sourness, the caramel one, well I had to get it, since it’s got superfine salt! I’ll be back to try all the flavours.

A few shots around town

As I walked around I spotted the seemingly Chanel branded lamp posts. After a little googling, apparently this is the story. Coco Chanel had an affair with the Duke of Westminster, he was so in love with her, he branded the whole city with Chanel logos in an attempt to win her over. With no avail, unfortunately, but we are left with Chanel lamp posts!

Now a few candid snaps around town.

A few shots around town

A little too much beige for my liking but an elegant outfit nonetheless, love the wicker basket on her bike.

A few shots around town

Checkered suit and terracotta suit. Men here dress so much better than in Sydney, all their suits actually fit, unlike in Sydney where most suits are 2 sizes too big. Here their shirts match, their ties thought about, their shoes chic and shined. Awesome, so English, so dapper.

A few shots around town

Over sized man bag, it’s Nike if you must know. This guy walked with such confidence it felt like he must own all of Piccadilly. Actually around there, men all dress so well, most suits look tailored, old money, heritage.