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Mix & match - Stockholm

Mix & match - Stockholm

Name: Lex
Occupation: Looking for a job
Describe your style: Mix cute with rock, cheap with expensive.
Favourite fashion label: Luella, Diana Orvving and Marc Jacobs.
Favroutie clothing store: Beyond retro, Diana Orvving and Acne.

It seems like almost everyone I photographed has said Acne is either their favourite fashion label or clothing store or both, so my conclusion is: wear Acne!

Lex’s jacket is by Diana Orvving, she is an up and coming Swedish designer. I hadn’t heard of her before, so I looked her up and I like what I see. A kind of relaxed luxury but very wearable at the same time, so very Stockholm. Check her out.


Little Parisienne - Paris

Sissi Li - Bondi Beach

It was a pleasure to meet you!

And this is the only time I’ve photographed someone I know for xssat :)

Friends - Oxford St

I love that dress on the left and she wears it with such ease, nice boots too.

Don’t forget to click on the photos to see them large.

50's look - Glebe street fair

The felt hat adds so much, I like the little dashes of red, in her hat, her lipstick, buttons on her dress, the belt and the shoes, the red really ties the whole outfit together.

50's look - Glebe street fair

Blue dress - Chinatown

What a great dress, I’m presuming it’s vintage, you certainly don’t see such well cut clothes on young girls these days.