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Wayfarers - Brick Lane

A quickie oldie from the archives. This was shot nearly a year ago in Brick Lane London, both were wearing wayfarers. It’s a trend I didn’t pick up for a few more month and then Rayban brought out their new old wayfarers and now they are just bloody everywhere. I still like them though, I just wouldn’t splash out for the real thing, why? Because everyone has them!

The stylist - Camden Town

The stylist - Camden Town

Name: Siouxsie
Occupation: Freelance fashion stylist
Describe your style: Don’t follow trends, incorporating high street and vintage, edgy, depending on the mood of the day.
Favourite fashion label: Burberry, Christopher Kane, Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing store: Harvey Nichols

I just had a quick look at Siouxsie’s work, some great things! Have a look for yourself here.

The teacher - Camden Town

The teacher - Camden Town

Name: Prema
Occupation: Maths and logic teacher
Describe your style: Not having any style.
Favourtie fashion label: None
Favourite clothing store: None

Prema’s blog is here if you’d like a read.

From polished designer high fashion to my crazy space outfit, now I bring you to the other side of the town, Camden Town. I only very recently discovered it’s about 25 minutes walk from my place, why the hell didn’t I go earlier. Camden is crazy, full on, energetic and just plain awesome. It’s the ultimate place for clashes of fashion, from gothic lolitas, to punks, rockabillies, indie kids, high street kids, vintage gals, hip hop boys, it really shouts “youth of Britain today” to me.

Today I went for a stroll again armed with my camera!

Quick post - Camden

Camden market is a huge market that interconnects many sections, with indoor and outdoor space, they sell anything from vintage wear to designer rip offs and everything in between. I found myself a nice little something for £6! More about that another time. Cyberdog is crazy! Rave music turned up loud pumping straight through me, those fluro detective lights that showcase the special ink on their tshirts, robotic mannequins line the walls. Some of the womens clothes were very avant garde, I can see how a piece or 2 combined with high street stuff can become a very edgy and cool outfit. Now why didn’t I go there before my space themed party, oh well, at least I know now for next time.

So here are 2 quick shots from today.

Quick post - Camden

Quick post - Camden

Got to go now, more posts tomorrow! Happy Thursday!

Saturday night, 10.30pm, a girlfriend and I arrive at a unremarkable blue door with a security guard outside and a silver sign that says MOONBASE. “This must be it!” I squeal. Moonbase had a rotation of DJs, an accordion player that one of the hosts met on the tube, a roof terrace, a ball pit involving 500 coloured balls and many intergalactic creatures.

It was fancy dress, if you haven’t guessed that yet. This is what it said on the facebook event page: Every millennia an enigma takes place, one which hails upon all life of the universe to unite under one cause and on one planet… DISCO GALAXIA is here! In the name of strengthening inter-galactic peace we would like to invite you to the biggest party in the universe. From the 8 corners of the cosmos every intelligent life form from Space Rangers to Cosmic Freaks will join for outer space disco festivities. Get yoll shiny shit on and charge the Cosmic Peace Laser because you know no one knows how to party like a DISCO GALAXIA party!

So how did I get such crazy friends? Who cares! But most importantly what did I wear?!

Spaced out - Intergalactic house party

Voila! Remember the Balenciaga rip offs I’d been eyeing at Topshop, this was one of them, it’s so short! I never wear anything so short, but with 2 layers of tights, I figured what the hell, just do it. I’m going for a bit of futuristic chic here, black, silver, nice splash of colour, bold and geometric pattern. The black tights, oh they were fun! I got them from Primark, 5 pairs for £2, so I cut up 1 pair, tried them on and cut up another with slight adjustments for the night.

Self portraits without a tripod and a remote is simply impossible, I had to rely on the crusty dirty mirror in the living room. Urgh.

Spaced out - Intergalactic house party

So here’s the break down of the outfit.
Top: American Apparel (it’s actually a dress)
Skirt: Topshop
Silver tights: Urban Outfitters
Black tights: Primark with homemade holes
Shoes: H&M

Oh those shoes, I am so in love with shoe chunky heels and how they make my legs look. If I didn’t have to walk, I’d live in these shoes forever! Forever! Ok… just until I fall in love with the next pair of shoes…

Here are some shots from the night.

Spaced out - Intergalactic house party
Seems like most intergalactic beings favour shiny legs.

Spaced out - Intergalactic house party
He had a camera phone!!! As in a camera taped to a phone, as in Flight of the conchords.

And on that note, I’d like to take this post out with a binary solo: 01011001011011110111010100100000011000010111001001100101001000

Dapper - Oxford St

Oh these English people, they are just so bloody good at doing this Englishness. The men, especially the men, most dress very well, from the executives in Mayfair to the young ones walking around high street, this dapperness seems to be in their DNA. The mismatching, the tailored look, I have to salute you male Londoners! It’s great to see young men also putting in effort, taking from the old and translating it all into their own style.

Dapper - Oxford St

Name: Toby
Occupation: Model
Describe your style: Rockabilly, English gentlemen, dapper.
Favourite fashion label: Fred Perry & Burberry
Favourite clothing shop: Charity shops.

Toby here is an extremely lucky young fellow. He told me he gets to raid his father and grand father’s wardrobes, he sometimes has to get things taken in a little, but they most fit perfect. I’m so jealous!

How was everyone’s weekend? Here in London, it’s bank holiday long weekend. I think I might take a day trip to Brighton tomorrow, let’s hope the sun will favour my little trip.