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Emma - Surry Hills

When I was asked to shoot the series for H&M magazine, I almost panicked, fearing I won’t be able to get many stylish people on the streets of Sydney, at least not to the standard of say The Sartorialist and Facehunter. So in my panic, I asked Emma whom I’ve photographed once before, if she would like to put together an outfit for me. She did not disappoint me, I love her sense of style and the way she puts a whole bunch of things together and it just works! Shame these photos won’t grace the pages of H&M mag. Oh well, at least I get to share them with everyone now.

Emma - Surry Hills

Name: Emma
Job: Vintage and retro fashion seller
Style icon: Marla Singer from Fight Club
Describe your style: A grandma who tries to keep up with the latest fashion by looking at 80s womens magazines.
Essential summer item: Cropped blouses, tied up at the waist.

Love the grapes, love the outfit and I just love the crazy spaces at Hibernian House. Thank you Emma!

More from the H&M magazine series that fell through.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Brad
Job: Clothing store manager
Style icon: Sofia Kokosalaki
Describe your style: Anything loose.
Essential summer item: Pleated trousers.

The pleated trousers are absolutely great, summery and stylish.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Leo
Job: Mens shoes store owner
Style icon: Humphrey Bogart
Describe your style: Eclectic, depending on the mood.
Essential summer item: Shark tooth necklace

One of those looks I’d expect to see on The Sartorialist, I couldn’t believe it when I spotted him. It’s a stylishness and self assured air that can only come with maturity and a fantastic look that I would’ve expected to see in Europe. Gentlemen, don’t be afraid of colour!

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Gill
Job: Clothing store sales assistant
Style icon: Rockstars
Describe your style: Rock stars, trashy style.
Essential summer item: Low open shirt, showing skin.

Well, wow. Gill needs no words.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Pedro
Job: Fashion design student
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny
Describe your style: Dark, rough and undone.
Essential summer item: Black singlet

I’ve photographed Pedro once before, this was shot near Chinatown, last time I also spotted him in Chinatown. From this and the last look, he seems to have a personal and consistent style.


With the brief of cool, creative, stylish and personal looks, I went style scouting for H&M magazine. Alas the project fell through, they ran out of space for my photos. However it’s still fantastic to have to recognition from a big fashion player like H&M, hopefully I will get my photos in the mag next time. I have many great looks to share, I’ve been itching to upload them. There are lots of them, so I won’t flood you, I’ll feed them through a little at a time.

The following pics were taken outside the Fringe bar market, I picked out a few well dressed stall holders, it was fantastic! Part of H&M’s brief was to ask the people a few questions, that I really enjoyed, I may just keep on doing it. The questions opened up a dialogue and I felt more of a connection with my subjects, I think they felt the same way too.

Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Olivia
Job: Fashion designer
Style icon: Victor & Rolf
Describe your style: Girly, frilly and flirty.
Essential summer item: Girly loose top.


Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Nikki
Job: Jewllery maker, vintage clothes seller.
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny and Lil Kim.
Describe your style: Run of the mill fashion victim.
Essential summer item: Big gold earrings.

Though this look is quite popular this summer, the singlet with short skirt or shorts, but Nikki made it her own. I love the head scarf and the tattoos hints at her personality and adds to the look.

Girls - Fringe bar market

Name: Cherry
Job: Fashion wholesaler, maker.
Style icon: Gucci, Prada.
Describe your style: Simple and structured.
Essential summer item: Long flowy skirt and a simple tshirt.