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Bright pastels - LMFF

Lovely, no? The longer jacket is nice, the colours just pop! Simple, summery, yet not the least boring.

Sweet 16, that brings back memories. Just what did I wear when I was 16? I remember the school uniforms, I wore skirts as part of the uniform but I never liked wearing skirts back then. I absolutely hated my legs, I thought my calves were chubby and are better off hidden from the world. Now many years on, 10 kgs heavier, calves still chubby, I’ve learnt to be much happier with my body. Funny what age does to you.

Now now, if only I was this brave when I was 16, imagine what I’d be doing now?!! Still blogging you say? Pffftttt!

Pink 16 - LMFF

Pink 16 - LMFF

Name: Lucy
Occupation: High school student
Describe your style: A mixture of vintage and modern.
Favourite fashion labels: No particular favourites.
Favourite clothing stores: Fancy pants (Melbourne)

Lucy found her coveralls in a vintage shop and she’s totally rocking them! Now I want to wear pink too!

Pink and gold - Paddington

Cute, light, fafinette like outfit. Note the camera necklace.

And yes, I have photographed her before.

Blushing - Central
October 2008

Pretty maxi - Office

Pretty maxi - Office

This is just an amazing dress and it fits and suits her perfectly. It’s a very feminine dress, so I like the chunky belt, the big watch and the lack of necklace to make the outfit not overtly girly.

I shot these in my office building, I saw her walk past our office to the elevator and ran out with my camera to get these shot. Turned out well, don’t you think?

Emerald - Newtown

Tie dye - Oxford St

I really like that dress, if I saw it in a shop I probably wouldn’t have considered it, but now I’m going to keep my eyes out for tie dyed stuff! The combo of the vest, hat and gladiators work a treat.