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Once in a while, seeing cute kids gets me just a teeny tiny bit clucky, that happened yesterday. With faces this adorable and clothes this fashionable, you really can’t blame me.

After I took the photos I found out the little boy’s name is Bruno and he is the grandson of Zambesi’s Elisabeth Findlay. No wonder!


This time last week, I was in Melbourne, probably just finished shooting the second runway show of the night, hopping along to grab a bite before heading back to my friend’s pad at St Kilda because I would’ve been dead tired and eager to see all the shots from the day. How funny that seemed like ages ago but also feels like yesterday. The week was wonderful, lots of running around, a glimpse of the high fashion life. I came away inspired, energised and ready to wear 10cm heels, ALL day, EVERY day!

On my first evening at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival I spotted Hailey, funder of Melbourne street fashion, I introduced myself to her and to my surprise, she’s aware of my blog. Chatting with Hailey were 2 impeccably dressed young gentlemen, I asked to take their photos. They were charming and pretty much in matching outfits. When I interviewed them, they told me they were fashion designers, silly me for not prodding further, it was the next day that I realised these 2 were brothers Tim and Alex of Melbourne home grown menswear label From Britten.


The second evening I bumped into them and again took their photos, they turned up just as sharp as the day before. Their style is… hmm… to borrow their words “Classic with character”, but it’s more, much more. It’s sartorial, simple, yet so youthful, well Tim and Alex are both very young, both in their early 20s I believe. With a successful label already under their belt, these brothers will go far and they’ve only just begun, yet they’ve already achieved much.


Alex from the second evening.

Name: Alex
Occupation: Rag trade
Describe your style: My style is my own individual style.
Favourite fashion labels: Alber Albaz and Martin Margiela.
Favourite clothing stores: Giuliano Fujiwara (Tokyo), Topman, Design a space (Melbourne) and Incu (Melbourne).


Tim from the second evening.

Name: Tim
Occupation: Fashion designer
Describe your style: Classic with character.
Favourite fashion labels: Martin Margiela, Jil Sander.
Favourite clothing stores: Isetan (Japan), Fat (Melbourne), Design a space (Melbourne) and Incu (Melbourne).

I found an interview of Tim and Alex online from a Melbourne paper, in the article they said they created From Britten because they wanted to design and make clothes they wanted to wear themselves. Arh, if only more young men want to dress like these 2 fine young fellows.


Tim from the first evening.



Alex from the first evening.



Please be sure to check out From Britten and their wonderful clothes and remember to support local Australian young designers.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I take you to a very different world, but it is still in London! A world where I only get glimpses of, today you get a few glimpses too. Knightsbridge is one of the most expensive places in London, according to Wikipedia, 14 out of the 200 most expensive streets in Britain are in Knightsbridge. On street car parking spaces sell for £300,000 on a 94 year lease… Notable residents include: Nigella Lawson, Tom Ford, Hugh Grant, Sean Connery alongside many other aristocrats, royalties, socialites, writers, presenters and models. You get the idea.

There’s a strip of high fashion shops here, Chanel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, you name it, you got it. And it was here that I did a little bit of street style hunting.

The old, the young and the very little - Knightsbridge

The old, the young and the very little - Knightsbridge

Name: Maria
Occupation: Lady of leisure
Describe your style: Hermes, Chanel when their clothes were simpler, more structured.
Favourite fashion label: None
Favourite clothing shop: Knightsbridge

Maria told me she was a model in the 50s, the height of the House of Chanel, dare I say, a time when sportswear isn’t what it is today. Maria has such elegance and grace, I’d love to have a head of silver hair like hers when I’m old.

The old, the young and the very little - Knightsbridge

The old, the young and the very little - Knightsbridge

Name: Withheld because this young lady is under 18
Occupation: Student
Describe your style: Chic
Favourite fashion label: Chanel and Hermes
Favourite clothing shop: Chanel and Hermes

An almost all black outfit which makes all the textures stand out, the bright pop of the red Hermes bag is very nice arm candy.

Now last but not least…

The old, the young and the very little - Knightsbridge

Way too cute >_____< He was a little shy but very sweet.

I hope you all have a good Monday, well, I hope!

Boys - Fringe bar market

Boys - Fringe bar market

Boys - Fringe bar market

I’ve decided to display large photos straight on the blog, so now you can save some clicks.