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A few weeks back I mentioned I got a new feature for xssat in the works, well, here it is, the first ever installment! xsstyle is a style profile of stylish people in their stylish homes, just like my street fashion hunts, I will aim to get a broad cross section of people and interiors for this feature.

For this first installment I’ve asked my good friends Grace and Hazim to let me into their cute cottage in Annadale, an up and coming suburb in Sydney’s inner west. Hazim is an art director by day and illustrator by night and Grace is an interior designer, so this really is the creative couple!

Hazim’s framed illustration and prints of Grace’s interior works

I started thinking about doing this feature quite a while ago, but approaching strangers on the street for photos is 1 thing, asking them to let me into their homes is another, so I’m starting with people I know. Hazim and I used to work for the same ad agency, he doesn’t talk much, he’s really most happy when given time and space to simply draw. When I met Grace I was amazed at how adorable the 2 were together and how much more Hazim comes out of his shell. The 2 lovelies tied the knot over a year ago, I attended and photographed the wedding. Grace’s outfit was stunning, the simple dress from Akira, the jeweled head wreath, the leather sandals, arh… that’s when you can tell the couple work in the creative industry.

xsstyle is more than fashion, it’s about how one’s style translates into clothes, interiors and one’s way of life. Style is life! Grace has always had a distinct style, I envy people with a distinct style. Going through Grace’s wardrobe I was really surprised at the small amount of clothes, every time we met up she was dressed great and I barely remember seeing repeat outfits. Grace firmly believes in quality over quantity, she invests in classic pieces that are versatile and will last, chatting with her really made me think about my shopping habits and I’m proud to say I haven’t bought any clothes for a whole 2 months! Quality, always think quality… woo uniqlo UK site ships to Australia…

A light lunch of cheese, ham, jams and fruits served on a George Jensen cheese board

Noodle, the couple’s cute cat

Grace and Hazim’s house really reflects their taste, simple good designs mixed with cutesy art and funky items. Everything worked together and at the same time it’s a livable space, it’s cozy, it’s not an art gallery because that’s the last place you would want your home to feel like. A photographer I met in New York told me he made his apartment as uncomfortable as he could, so he’d go out to take photos more often. Hmm… that’s a little extreme for me, I do like a cozy home and my creature comforts.

G+H also had a cool attic which contains Hazim’s study where he draws and creates til owl hours of the morning.

Awesome coffee table

Noodle’s bed stylishly perched on top of a Missoni cussion

Love those Marc by Marc Jacobs boots

And as always, the usual mini interview!

Occupation: Interior designer
Describe your style: Classic
Favourite fashion designers: Lover, United bamboo, Marc by Marc Jacobs (assercories & shoes only)
Favourite clothing stores: Blood orange, Via Alley and Incu.
Occupation: Art Director
Describe your style: Jeans and t-shirts
Favourite fashion designers: APC, Vans
Favourite clothing stores: Incu, Via Alley, Somedays (Online – needsupply, blackbirdballard)

Did I mention Hazim’s a very talented illustrator? Please check out his folio here and H’s just done a series of limited edition fine art prints inspired by bands, animal collective, grizzly bear, dodos, modest mouse… yes… animal bands! Buy some prints here and feed the hungry zoo!

Now it’s time for me to curl up in the easy chair with a book and a cup of tea. Hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of xsstyle, many more to come in the future.

I apologise for my lack of posts, I’ve been swallowed up into the black hole that is a 9 – 6.30 job, escape is near! RAFW aka Sydney fashion week is also near! How exciting, with appearances by Susie Bubble, Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman, Garance Dore and a small army of Aussie bloggers, it’s going to be fun. That is if they decide to approve of my media accreditation application and if I don’t break my ankles, yeah, it’s always nice to have one’s ankles intact.

Now onto some more from LMFF!

Top Hat - LMFF

Top Hat - LMFF

Name: Sabrina
Occupation: High school student
Describe your style: Dressed up grunge.
Favourite fashion labels: Balmain, Steve Madden.
Favourite clothing stores: Bardot, Sportsgirl.

London has had some stunning weather lately! Sunny, lovely, even hot in the afternoon, I do wonder why people complain about the weather here, its’s perfect, as long as you don’t go into the tube at peak hour.

This heat means girls are dressed more skimpy, comfortable and relaxed. And what’s more relaxed than a loose white top on a hot summer day, gorgeous!

White summer - Brick Lane

White summer - Brick Lane

Name: Alice
Occupation: Freelance fashion stylist
Describe your style: Crazy, mix of clothes.
Favourite fashion labels: Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Comme des Garcon.
Favourite clothing store: Shops around Brick Lane, Beyond Retro.

White summer - Brick Lane

White summer - Brick Lane

Name: Zhenya
Occupation: Fashion marketing
Describe your style: Simple, vintage.
Favourite fashion label: Peter Jensen and Vanessa Bruno.
Favourite clothing store: Selfridges

So dig out that white tshirt of yours, pull it over yourself and head out to enjoy the sun while it lasts. Oh wait, do put on a skirt or a pair of trousers. I am quite against the no pants look :p

The stylist - Camden Town

The stylist - Camden Town

Name: Siouxsie
Occupation: Freelance fashion stylist
Describe your style: Don’t follow trends, incorporating high street and vintage, edgy, depending on the mood of the day.
Favourite fashion label: Burberry, Christopher Kane, Vivienne Westwood
Favourite clothing store: Harvey Nichols

I just had a quick look at Siouxsie’s work, some great things! Have a look for yourself here.

Emma - Surry Hills

When I was asked to shoot the series for H&M magazine, I almost panicked, fearing I won’t be able to get many stylish people on the streets of Sydney, at least not to the standard of say The Sartorialist and Facehunter. So in my panic, I asked Emma whom I’ve photographed once before, if she would like to put together an outfit for me. She did not disappoint me, I love her sense of style and the way she puts a whole bunch of things together and it just works! Shame these photos won’t grace the pages of H&M mag. Oh well, at least I get to share them with everyone now.

Emma - Surry Hills

Name: Emma
Job: Vintage and retro fashion seller
Style icon: Marla Singer from Fight Club
Describe your style: A grandma who tries to keep up with the latest fashion by looking at 80s womens magazines.
Essential summer item: Cropped blouses, tied up at the waist.

Love the grapes, love the outfit and I just love the crazy spaces at Hibernian House. Thank you Emma!