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From polished designer high fashion to my crazy space outfit, now I bring you to the other side of the town, Camden Town. I only very recently discovered it’s about 25 minutes walk from my place, why the hell didn’t I go earlier. Camden is crazy, full on, energetic and just plain awesome. It’s the ultimate place for clashes of fashion, from gothic lolitas, to punks, rockabillies, indie kids, high street kids, vintage gals, hip hop boys, it really shouts “youth of Britain today” to me.

Today I went for a stroll again armed with my camera!

Quick post - Camden

Camden market is a huge market that interconnects many sections, with indoor and outdoor space, they sell anything from vintage wear to designer rip offs and everything in between. I found myself a nice little something for £6! More about that another time. Cyberdog is crazy! Rave music turned up loud pumping straight through me, those fluro detective lights that showcase the special ink on their tshirts, robotic mannequins line the walls. Some of the womens clothes were very avant garde, I can see how a piece or 2 combined with high street stuff can become a very edgy and cool outfit. Now why didn’t I go there before my space themed party, oh well, at least I know now for next time.

So here are 2 quick shots from today.

Quick post - Camden

Quick post - Camden

Got to go now, more posts tomorrow! Happy Thursday!