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Psssstttt, I’ve booked a return flight to Shanghai for later this year! I’ll be taking 10 weeks off altogether, to explore my home town where I haven’t been for 6 or 7 years, but also to do some intrepid backpacking through China’s south west. To top it off, I might even sneak in a week or 2 in Japan. Quite the adventure huh? I know. I can’t wait!

Speaking of China. I had the pleasure of meeting Anina at RAFW, well, let’s see… ok… yeah, it was definitely her awesome yellow jacket that caught my eye. Anina is a model based in Beijing, was even awarded top foreign model there last year, she’s also the founder of online fashion network and community 360 fashion. This girl’s got a lot on her plate and still looks fabulous.

Name: Anina
Occupation: Model, founder of 360 fashion
Describe your style: Elegant, gothic twist with some Chinese accents.
Favourite fashion designers: Lu 12.28, Le Divan and Dan Jones.
Favourite clothing stores: Lu 12.28 and Le Divan (Beijing).


This post is brought to you tonight by my scalded hand… Yes I dropped a cup of boiling green tea onto my right hand this evening while juggling 2 arms full of bags, camera and a napkin full of Nandos chicken skewers. I swear I must’ve been a blonde in my previous life. It was quite red, painful and swollen, a bit of make shift ice pack and some first aid cream and I’m much better now. Bummer that I had to go home early today and therefore missed 4 shows, boohoohoo. No matter, hope it’ll be better in the morning for the last day of RAFW!!! Goodness, it’s all gone by so quickly!

Now now, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting an iconic fashion blogger, Susie Lau of Style Bubble and to see her outfits each day is wonderful.

Name: Susie Lau
Occupation: Full time blogger, freelance writer.
Describe your style: Eclectic, experimental, layered.
Favourite fashion designer: All time favs: Yves Saint Lauren, Azzedine Alaia, Cristóbal Balenciaga.
Favourite clothing stores: The Shop (Cheshire St London)

I aren’t already familiar with Susie’s blog, then shame on you!

Mix & match - Stockholm

Mix & match - Stockholm

Name: Lex
Occupation: Looking for a job
Describe your style: Mix cute with rock, cheap with expensive.
Favourite fashion label: Luella, Diana Orvving and Marc Jacobs.
Favroutie clothing store: Beyond retro, Diana Orvving and Acne.

It seems like almost everyone I photographed has said Acne is either their favourite fashion label or clothing store or both, so my conclusion is: wear Acne!

Lex’s jacket is by Diana Orvving, she is an up and coming Swedish designer. I hadn’t heard of her before, so I looked her up and I like what I see. A kind of relaxed luxury but very wearable at the same time, so very Stockholm. Check her out.

This might be news to some of you, but I am in London and I will be here for 6 months, then New York for 3 months and then back home to Sydney. So xssat will be bringing you the latest street styles from all around Europe for the next few months!

Britannia - Brick Lane

Britannia - Brick Lane

Yesterday was my first day in London, I knew I should try to stay up for most of the day and adjust my body clock so I went down to Brick Lane market. What a mish mash of characters and it was teeming with young people all dressed to be seen.

Britannia - Brick Lane

What I saw, I thought were all quintessentially British. From the classic coat reinterpreted by this guy above, all the elements of the outfit are very retro, the ray bans, the white sneakers and the pants, but together the look is utterly modern and very British.

Look at the girl above, her Madonna-esque outfit is fantastic, she reminds me so much of Vivienne Westwood. That essence of rebellious British youth expressed through fashion.

Britannia - Brick Lane

Britannia - Brick Lane

This girl above is part of band Toy Toy, check out their myspace.

Brick Lane I’ll be back next weekend!

More from the H&M magazine series that fell through.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Brad
Job: Clothing store manager
Style icon: Sofia Kokosalaki
Describe your style: Anything loose.
Essential summer item: Pleated trousers.

The pleated trousers are absolutely great, summery and stylish.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Leo
Job: Mens shoes store owner
Style icon: Humphrey Bogart
Describe your style: Eclectic, depending on the mood.
Essential summer item: Shark tooth necklace

One of those looks I’d expect to see on The Sartorialist, I couldn’t believe it when I spotted him. It’s a stylishness and self assured air that can only come with maturity and a fantastic look that I would’ve expected to see in Europe. Gentlemen, don’t be afraid of colour!

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Gill
Job: Clothing store sales assistant
Style icon: Rockstars
Describe your style: Rock stars, trashy style.
Essential summer item: Low open shirt, showing skin.

Well, wow. Gill needs no words.

Boys - Paddington & City

Name: Pedro
Job: Fashion design student
Style icon: Chloe Sevigny
Describe your style: Dark, rough and undone.
Essential summer item: Black singlet

I’ve photographed Pedro once before, this was shot near Chinatown, last time I also spotted him in Chinatown. From this and the last look, he seems to have a personal and consistent style.