It was my first Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and it was a blast. It was fantastic to attend all the different shows, to see the designers’ inspirations through their clothes, the mood, atmosphere and emotions they are able to create and evoke with their shows were simply something to be experienced.

This post is some sort of a coma to signal the end of RAFW posts and to show some pretty snaps I had taken during the week. So here are some of the lovely things and people I spotted at RAFW!

Matching stylish backs

Funky accessories like oversized pastel clutch at Jayson Brunsdon

Or silver beads encrusted knee pads at Flowers for a vegabond (Show opened by my beautiful friend and model Renny)

I also spotted famous faces. Alyssa above.

Many a fierce strut were spotted.

Gravity defying hairdos at Dhini

Armour like creation at

Last but certainly not least, pure theater at Romance was born

Well, that’s a wrap! Til 2011 RAFW. And how about a full press pass with backstage access next year aye IMG?? Wink wink, nudge nudge!