News flash! It’s just been confirmed that I will be covering most of Melbourne fashion week on assignment for a few Japanese magazines and papers. But you know me, in my spare hours I shall bring you the street fashion aspects too! The attendees of the shows, the front row, I’ll be dashing around, breaking my ankles, hurrah! I might show you what’s on the runway as well, but the biggie in Australia is the Sydney fashion week, which is an industry only event, whereas anyone can buy tickets to the shows at Melbourne fashion week. Nonetheless, I will have my fashion week cherry popped, so I hope it will be a gentle and exciting experience… :p

Just letting you all know, that’s all. Oh and the mania starts on Sunday, flight is booked, accommodation is sorted, Melbourne here I come! If all goes well, there might just be a little not-so-live blogging while I’m there.

Until then, I’m off to stress and panic about what to wear and what to pack, gahhhh!!!