You know I think right now it’s all about rolling up things. Jeans, trousers, sleeves, doesn’t matter the length of the sleeves or the shorts or the trousers, just roll it up a few time and you’ll instantly join the trendy crowd. Am I rolling up my trousers? I’m not so sure, my legs aren’t very long, rolling my jeans up makes my already short legs appear even shorter, hmm not such a good idea. Highly recommended for long legged people though! Like this fellow below.

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Colour stripes - Brick Lane

Name: Bee
Occupation: Fashion menswear student at Central St Martins
Describe your style: Wear what I want
Favourite fashion label: Eitor Thoup
Favourite clothing store: Dover St Market

He couldn’t help but do a few funny poses as I snapped him, so I’ve selected the tamest here :)

Anyhow all long legged people all there, roll up your trousers and jeans and shorts. All thin armed people, roll up your already short sleeves! Sadly I’ll be doing neither… Oh, heck, maybe just once or twice!