Stall holder - Paddington market

Awesome necklace and great vest.

It’s 38 degrees today! It’s a scorching hot day, I was out scouting around Paddington by 11, I planned to be around til 4, but had to call it a day at 2.30. I was dying from the heat and the sun and I got many good photos anyway.

It was a fruitful day, the Fringe Bar market proved to be great, I picked out a few stall holders to be photographed, then wondered around the Paddington market and the main shopping strip. Shame I can’t show you all the photos… everyone I picked out today was with H&M’s brief in mind: cool, creative, stylish and personal. Well, the photos will go to H&M to be selected, what doesn’t make the magazine I will post here on the blog. Thank you to all the lovely people I photographed today!

Tomorrow I’ll be in Surry Hills in the morning and Glebe in the afternoon, Emma is also putting together an outfit for me to photograph. If anyone else is keen to put together an outfit and perhaps be featured in the upcoming H&M magazine, please contact me ASAP.

Now I shall go lie down under the fan.